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by Madame B Fatale on January 2, 2013

I guess I should start off by saying Happy New Year and I hope everyone has had a lovely time throughout the holidays!

power white toothpaste witch hazel facial scrub

Starting off with the Power White Toothpaste* I was gifted in the Lust Have it bag at BBU. I started to use this last month and its definitely helping, especially considering I am an all day coffee drinker amongst other things and I know that doesn’t help. I will be purchasing this again and I think I might even purchase one of the whitening kits as well.

For my toner I have been using the very cheap T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel which I don’t think I had used in years but am quickly remembering how much i loved it.

Next up is Clean and Clear Morning Burst which I mainly just use in the shower. Other cleanser I have been using have been mainly small sample sizes that I really need to use up.

trilogy eye cream rosehip oil uriage avene thermal spring water

For my eyes I have ben using The Trilogy Eye Contour Cream* that was kindly sent to me. I like that its quite moisturising but because I have monster dark circles I think I need to be using something specifically for that. ( I must say though I’m fairly certain my dark circles are more of a hereditary problem and they are always there no matter how rested I am).

I started using Trilogy Rosehip oil again after BBU as my skin was in the driest condition it had been in for a long time and is a nice product to use after I PMD my face.

The next two are very similar products the Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage* that was gifted to me at BBU as well and the Avene Thermal Spring Water (i actually picked two up for $19.95 at Chemist Warehouse!). I love them both, especially in this heat. I originally planned on buying another of the Uriage version to throw into my bag but I couldn’t find it at the shops I was at so got the Avene version instead. The Avene bottle is massive and I cant really carry that around with me though, you know, without looking like a complete nutter.

physicians formula firming and lifting dark spot deep wrinkle

Next up are some Physician Formula skincare goodies I was sent and have been a more recent addition to my skincare routine. Above is the Firming and Lifting Booster*, Dark Spot Corrector and Skin Brightener* and the Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day and Night Cream*. Out of the three I think the Dark Spot Corrector is helping the most but the pump seems to have stopped working even though there is product in the bottle. So I just have to unscrew the lid and tap it out. The Day and Night Cream is also lovely and moisturising but I can’t really comment on whether that or the Booster is really helping with wrinkles so much. I haven’t tried it personally but my sister bought the cleanser from this range and is really enjoying it too.

skin therapy lotion everything balm trilogy hand cream nuxe one and all

On my body I started using the Skin Therapy Lotion from Palmers and although it is very moisturising I just cannot stand the smell of it. But I will keep using it because it does work and I don’t like to waste products. I have also started using Trilogy Everything Balm* again after a brief hiatus. I am loving this for my feet, lips and elbows. I have reviewed it before and I still think its a great all round product. I also started using the Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream* I keep it on my desk and always apply it after using the PMD on my hands. Its non greasy and sinks right into my skin.

On my body and hair I have been using the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Usage Dry Oil*. I mainly use it on my décolletage and scrunch it into the ends of my hair after styling, it hasn’t weighed my hair down at all and give a lovely healthy shine even though my hair really isn’t!

And last up is the One and All Intensive Hand and Nail Rescue that my sister gave the end of the tube for me to try out and it has been insanely hydrating.

The only two pictures of products that are missing from this post are the Phillips Lumea IPL and the PMD which I am still using both but since they have been mentioned last month I saw no need to add them in here.


Madame B Fatale


Some products were sent for post consideration. They are marked with a *.

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