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by Madame B Fatale on February 11, 2011

Launching this month is Wella’s newly reformulated System Professional Range. I’ve been using the Shine Define Shampoo, Colour Save Conditioner and the Volumize Mask, with lovely results I must say!

“New SP is a celebration of scientific leadership from 130 years of expert knowledge, a deep consumer
understanding and five years of intensive research. The offering combines innovative product formulas
and a revolutionary, personalised hair care service. Exclusively customised to suit each client’s individual
needs, SP is the ultimate in hair perfection.”

 imageStarting with the shampoo, I apply a rather small amount and massage into my hair focusing on the roots. After using although my hair feels clean and fresh it also feels manageable, which is one of the main things I look for in a shampoo, I just cant stand that ‘squeaky clean but knotted’ feeling I am left with so many out there.
Following with the Colour Save conditioner, now focusing the imageproduct on my mid lengths to ends after washing out my hair is left not only soft but silky.
As my hair is bottle blonde I not only have to look out for products that are going to help retain my colour for as long a s possible but also that help give me shine. A drawback of having blonde hair is that its so much harder to get that gorgeous healthy shine that you see in darker colours. But with these products I really am getting the best of both worlds.
imageI then use the Volumize mask instead of the conditioner about once or twice a week. This mask is formulated for thin hair but I have been experiencing lovely results none the less with my thick hair. I use it when I’m planning on doing a blow dry and combined with the Wella High Hair spray I have been getting rather fabulously volumised do with just a blow-dryer and round brush!

“To continue the hair perfection at home, a SP regime tailored to the clients’ needs and desires can be
prescribed to continue the ultimate care experience at home. The line has been refreshed with eight
product categories, featuring new complementary formulas and a range of fast-acting rinse-out
conditioners to allow clients perfect results in between salon visits.”

With the new formulations being released this month your bound to find a new system that works perfectly for you!

Madame B

Products were provided for potential review.

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