Tutorial – Cut Crease, Purple and White

by Madame B Fatale on April 27, 2009

Here is a tutorial somewhat similar to the Christina Aguilera look but a bit softer as no bottom lashes and only very minimal liner on the bottom lashes.

I have started with my base done.
I have used
Foundation – Masquerade
Concealer – Masquerade
Primer- Smashbox Hybrid and Too faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Eyebrows – Mac Auburn Powder

(arghh scary huh!!!)

Then I applied Mac Paint Stick in white as my base. .

Set with a white powder eyeshadow I used Masquerade Gothic White

Then got the Two Faced Bon Bon duo and added the peachy c
olour to the lid up to the crease.

I picked up Mac’s Nocturnal eye shadow and used an angled brush to “cut” through the crease.
I then got a pencil brush and pulled the colour upwards.

Then I grabbed Still’s Dahlia and Darkened the crease area.

Next I picked up the paint stick again and made sure the crease like was sharper and then set with white powder.

Got Chi Chi all Night Long and went over the crease line

went over the lid again with the Bon Bon Duo and blended the highlighter colour from the brow bone slightly into the crease.

Then i Did my waterline with Smashbox’s White pencil liner and then set with the Masquerade white shadow (probably not recommended but will make the liner to last)

Then get your favourite liner and line the top and slightly underneath your lashes. I used BYS Liquid Liner in Black.

Clean up the area and pull the white shadow around the end of the liner to make it stand out.

Add your false lashes, I’m using 1000hr Fashion Lashes.

Then apply you mascara to blend the falsies with your own. Best way to do this is to drag the mascara wand from underneath so you don’t actually coat the falsies themselves. (easier to clean and you can use then over and over) I used Benefit Get Bent Mascara.

I then added Mac Reflect Very Blue Glitter with
BYS activator

The next step is to fix the rest up. I applied Smashbox Sunset Highlighter Mac’s Tippy Blush (from HK release) And Elizabeth Arden Bronzer Duo. Then set with Masquerade transparent powder.

For the Lips I used a Napoleon liner in dream then Mac’s Fashion Mews and Pink Fish TLC. ( i later changed this before i went out to more of a pastel pink by removing the lip liner, too much purple all at once!)

Thanks for looking!!

All products used
Mac Paint Stick in White
Smashbox Liner in white
Masquerade Gothic eyeshadow in white
Mac Nocturnell
Chi Chi Black
Too Faced Little Black dress Duo and Bon Bon Duo
Stilla Dahlia eyeshadow
Benefit Get Bent Mascara
BYS Liquid Liner in Black
Mac Reflect Very Blue Glitter
BYS activator
Ardell Fashion Lashes

Mac Blush in Tippy (from HK release)
Smashbox Sunset highlighter
Elizabeth Arden Bronze Beauty Duo

Mac Fashion Mews l/s
Mac Pink Fish TLC
Napoleon l/l in Dream
Mac Auburn Brow Powder

Masquerade Foundation Pot, Concealer and Powder
Smashbox Hybrid Primer

3 Responses to “Tutorial – Cut Crease, Purple and White”

  • Kellsbells says:

    oh my gosh, this look is so pretty! it's so crisp and perfect… you look great with it on too!!!

  • madame b fatale says:

    Thanks doll! Yeah, only for a few months now but I'm enjoying it:)

  • Houston Living says:

    This look is love to me!! I didn't know you had a blog!! I will be a member fo sho!! Love you, girl. Rbella (Specktra)

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