Too Faced Shadow Insurance

by Madame B Fatale on June 25, 2011

Honestly this review is beyond overdue, I have been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TSFI from now on) for years now and loved it from first use.  Plus I use it before or in almost every makeup tutorial I film and when I wear makeup so its definitely a product I should have blogged about already!

too faced shadow insuranceSo why do I use an eye primer so frequently you may ask. Simple, why spend time on applying and blending those gorgeous colours only to have them fade, rub off or crease after a short time. Many people don’t agree that an eye primer is a necessary product but for me I personally couldn’t imagine not using one now.

To say that TFSI prolongs the life of your eye makeup is an understatement, colours seem to not only last but stick and blend better as well. This can be especially important when using pigments (also if your not using a base, not to be confused with primer btw).

I’ve read about a certain complaint here and there over the years and that is that the product can separate in the tube. Really, so what? I would never apply my foundation before shaking it, a nail polish without rolling it, so why does it matter if I on odd occasions or when the shelf life is coming to an end I have squish the tube around a bit before squeezing out the product.

The hygienic tube packaging is really what sets the TFSI apart from the Benefit and Urban Decay primers. As with all tube packaged products I’d suggest you close the lid as soon as your finished squeezing just so you don’t suck air back into the tube.

For a while I was using Benefits Stay Don’t Stray as I was trailing it for another website. Don’t get me wrong I actually really like it but ultimately I felt like I was wasting the product due to the pump packaging. I’ve also tried some mineral makeup primers, the concealer method and actually Too Faced Second Base (or 1st? Do they even make it anymore? Probably not is was terrible) as well. But nothing seems to compare to the TFSI.

I would also like to mention that I actually haven’t tried Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (shocker, right?!?), as its kind of a pain to get a hold of here and an eye primer is one product I don’t like having to wait for as I use them so often. Also if it ain’t broke, well you know the rest…..

So to sum all that up (this was really long I know) – Ever since I started using the TFSI my eye makeup has lasted up until the moment I wash my face at night, no fading, no creasing actually no issues at all. So would I buy it again, yes and I already have about 5 or 6 times!

That was long, congratulations if you kept reading to this point !

So do you use a primer? If so what’s your favourite?


Madame B Fatale


Yes I have actually bought that many of  TFSI’s over the years, (and its a conservative guess)

9 Responses to “Too Faced Shadow Insurance”

  • Ping says:

    Hi, where do you get your Too Faced stuff from?

  • Silhouettex says:

    I use UDPP normally but I have a bottle of TFSI laying around for when that runs out 🙂 I can't wait to try it! If I didn't use any sort of primer my eyeshadow would disappear into my crease in less than an hour.

  • Angela says:

    I think I'm probably the only girl in the world who doesn't use an eye primer… lol When I do manage to get my arse into gear and actually buy one, this one might be it! Sounds good.

    • madamebfatale says:

      Its funny I couldn't imagine not using one now. I know they aren't completely necessary for everyone but for me they are!

  • ModestyBrown says:

    I always use TFSI too. On the odd occasion that I forget or miss it out, I remember why I like it so much! I've never had it separate but I agree with you, it wouldn't be a biggie to mix it up again.
    Great review,
    Jane x

    • madamebfatale says:

      I know exactly what you mean there has been a few times when I've forgotten to use one, the difference is amazing!

  • I just got a mini tubr of it with my Eye Love palette. Tried it when I swatched the shadows and I had to rub and rub with soap and water to get them off =)

    • madamebfatale says:

      Yeah I love it when those palettes include the small ones, so great for a travel makeup bag!

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