Wedding Tips

As i had just done a tutorial on makeup for a wedding I thought I should include some tips to make your makeup last longer and some things that may prevent stress from something unexpectedly going wrong!

  • Always do a trail run with your makeup and hair before the day so you can work out exactly what you want. Look online(Google images) and magazines for pictures. Don’t be afraid of telling the makeup artist what you are after but take notice and ask for their feedback because not everything suits everyone!
  • Try and refrain from doing anything drastic with your hair before your wedding unless you are exactly sure what you want and if it will suit you. Yes hair grows back but not in time for the wedding.
  • If you are uncomfortable wearing a lot of makeup don’t think that you should just grin and bare it for the day. Find what’s comfortable for you.
  • A wedding day is usually rather long and you want to make sure you are going to look flawless all day! Make sure the products being used are long wearing.
  • A bright or bold lip can look fabulous but to be honest its a lot of up keep. If you aren’t up for reapplying every so often you may want to go for a more neutral lip so you can just keep adding gloss.
  • Don’t wax on the day of  make sure you do ita few days before to make sure the area settles down. Also freshly waxed eye area doesn’t hold makeup well.
  • If you are getting a spray tan also don’t do that the day of either in case god forbid it goes wrong! Also remember you should wax a day before tanning.
  • If you are planning on doing your own makeup plan it all out in advance and practice, practise, practise! Don’t do something overly complicated if your not comfortable either! Take pictures of your trial runs, it will help you to stay focused on the day.
  • If you want fuller lashes but don’t want the hassle of applying false lashes but still want the look  why don’t you try tinting your lashes and get eyelash extensions! This is also great if you are having second thoughts with mascara as  you’ll shed a tear or two.
  • Your shoes you are planning to wear, they may look fabulous but remember that feeling when you wear new shoes out for the first time, wear them around your house for a week before to break them in a bit.
  • Things to have on you or a handy bridesmaid are : Bandaids, painkillers, safety pins, bobby pins, breath mints or spray (not chewing gum) , a small perfume, roll on deodorant, Lip gloss or lip stick, a sponge with a little of your foundation on it for touch-ups.
  • You can buy small gel inserts for your heels and things for the sling back to, every bit helps you want to be comfortable as possible anyway!
  • I know its hard but make sure you get enough sleep the night before and refrain from drinking too much, don’t drink too much whilst your getting ready either that’s what the reception is for.
  • As I said its a long day so make sure you have something to eat before you get ready or whilst your getting ready.
  • The time of your wedding is also something to consider, if your wedding is in the morning you will have to get up VERY early to get your hair and makeup done and get dressed! Like 3 am early, earlier if you have a large wedding party, if your not keen on an early start maybe go for an afternoon wedding.
  • Another thing that I think is overlooked try and stay as close to where the wedding is being held as possible, trust me this helps so much the day of!
  • Smile its your wedding day one of the most important days of your life so make sure you have fun!!!!!

Ok that is it for now. I know a lot of this is things you hear all the time but they are definitely worth thinking about!

Madame B


Tutorial – Wedding Makeup – Light but defined

One of my lovely subscribers requested I did a look suitable for a garden wedding with Pinks. She wanted it it be fresh and bright but neutral here is my look


I thought I’d add a picture where all the colours are placed to make it a bit easier for you all.

I will list the products but I would recommend sticking to less glittery/shiny textures.


Too Faced Bon Bon Duo e/s

Mac Holiday Palette  – Satisfy and Feast e/s’s

Mac Mineral e/s

Revlon Cream Sparkling Amethyst e/s

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Smashbox White eye pencil

eBay Brown Gel Liner

Revlon defining False Lashes

Duo Glue

Lancome Virtuse Waterproof Mascara

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder and eBay Gel Liner


Masquerade Foundation

Revlon Colourstay Powder

Benefit Tri (used Dandelion)

Stilla All Over Shimmer


I first prepped with Lucas Paw Paw Ointment before applying any  makeup

Then I just added a Bloom Cosmetic Gloss

and onto the Tutorial

Thank you for watching I really appreciate it 🙂

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Madame B