Valentines Day–Last minute tips!

Over here in the future (Australia) its Hallmark Valentines Day mourning morning. If you have anything exciting planned but don’t know what to do beauty wise ,(as you most likely already assumed after reading the first sentence I do not), I’ve compiled a little list to help you look your best!

Want to wear red lips but don’t want to end up looking like a certain Batman character after all that wining/dining/smooching?

Wear a red lip stain, besides not having to continually touch up a red lipstick all you have to do with a stain is keep those lips moist so a mere balm will do.

If you want your makeup look to stay put

Applying cream blush under powder blush, eye shadow primer under shadows, lightly powder your foundation and ending with a makeup finishing spray, can help your look to last all night.

Want fluttery lashes?

Opt for some natural lashes (such an oxymoron), like Ardell Wispies. If you don’t have time then I’d suggest a good waterproof mascara.

Having a hair dilemma? Have a busy day and minimal time to get ready before the date?

I’d suggest one of my favourite hairstyles the simple half up half down. Looks great on straight/curly/ slightly messy hair and all you need is a little spray and pins. Bump up the top section for a little height (tease, if needed) spray, pin and then spray. Not too much spray, crunchy hair does not make for sexy hair.

94434923406130285_qAe4eqZD_cIf you are heat styling remember to give your hair some love too by using a heat protectant!

With all that said, make sure you are comfortable in the look you choose. Nothing worse than going out and feeling self conscious. I don’t do my makeup and hair to make anyone happy but myself and you shouldn’t completely change your look for someone else either!

Hope you all have a lovely day no matter what you are doing!

Oh and you still have a couple of hours to enter the fabulous Beauty Blogger Coalition Valentines Giveaway!

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Long Term Relationship Hair!!

You may all think that I’ve gone a little Valentines mad, well I kind of have !!!!

I was sent these products and have been using them for about 2 weeks (maybe 3).


“Love your luscious long locks, or always coveted long hair, but could never quiet go the full distance? Now you can help kiss breakage goodbye and embrace the perfect partner for enjoying a lifelong love affair with long hair – introducing Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

Scientifically formulated specifically for long tresses, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship puts the love pack into your hair.”

The first thing I really love about them is the scent, its divine without being over powering. I guess this isn’t really new as Herbal essences Shampoo’s and Conditioners have always had a lovely scent about them!

Like I said I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and I have been pleasantly surprised. My hair is smoother and definitely shinier! The other thing I noticed is that I’m not having to wash my hair as often, which as you all know is a plus for me because the red fades quicker if I have to wash it more than twice a week! The mask is so thick and would recommend trying it out too! For  RRP $6.49 and $7.99 its a price you really can’t beat. And who doesn’t love a product that does more for less!

Fragrance – Red raspberry and satin, inspired by nature’s essence and blooming with luscious fragrance:
• Top notes – berry custard brulee, blackberry juice, plum and wild strawberry
• Middle notes – red velvet dream cake, violet flower, jasmine petal and red orchid
• Base notes – chocolate cherry melt-away, sensual woods and musk

(doesn’t it sound almost edible!!)


Even more Valentines posts on the way!!!!!

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Valentines Day Inspiration Part 2

So the last post was all pinks and purples, but Valentines makeup doesn’t have to be just that! Here are some more past FOTD’s for inspiration if pinks and purples aren’t your thing!

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