LAST DAY! GFC it was nice to know you

Oh hello there I sent this as an email to those I could but I thought also posting it on the blog would be a smart idea.

I just wanted to give all my lovely subscribers a quick heads up that blogger decided they don’t want to share with non-blogger blogs as of March 2012, as I am now on a WordPress self-hosted site that means me – insert sad face here. So as of next month the ‘Google Friend Connect’ subscriber button will disappear from my blog, I know numbers shouldn’t mean a thing but my GFC subscribers numbers have been growing and I will honestly be sad to see it go. Plus it’s how I subscribe to many blogs because it was just so convenient!

Hopefully you all will still want to get updates from so below I’ve listed 2 main ways of subscribing and the rest are other options as well!

RSS – with either your favourite reader or there is also an option to get updates straight to your email.



Other news- I’ve just started to add DIY tutorials to the blog, still working out the photography kinks and I totally need to improve on my explaining abilities but it’s something that I always wanted to include but always forgot to document the process! So keep a lookout for them, they will be mainly super easy/quick was to up-cycle existing items from your wardrobe. Any requests throw them my way! (I won’t guarantee I’ll be able to do all of them, I’m not exactly Martha Stewart. But I do LOVE crafts!)

See you on the blog!

Madame B Fatale


I’ve Moved!

Quite some time ago I purchased my own domain knowing that I would want to change over eventually and now its finally done. For me this is a rather large step as many of you know computers aren’t exactly my strong point. I originally enlisted the help of my boyfriend to help me ‘set everything up’, the main problem with that was I can be more of a visual person, (really not awesome at explaining things) and also WordPress was new for him to. The other obvious thing would be that if I didn’t do any of it myself I would never learn. So I got him to set up a few things then I’ve been playing with  the layout, adding widgets/plugins and changing the colours around for a few hours a day and here we are! I’m not completely happy with it, there will more than likely be a couple of minor changes here and there but don’t worry no major layout changes.

I have to thank Sara from The Makeup Snob for the questions she happily answered and her post on moving from blogger to wordpress which was a massive push in the right direction!

So what’s coming up you may ask, well I have decided that I want to slowly re-film my first tutorials on YouTube, the crappy slideshow ones. (Don’t worry I’ll post new in between!), I have a giveaway coming up of one of my all time favourite hair care products, plus more of the same – reviews, video’s, FOTD and I also have quite a few products I want to swatch!

I have also created a Facebook page where all my updates will be! I would love it if you liked the page Madame B Fatale Facebook Page.


Here are two photo’s from up-coming tutorials, (just so its not a completely boring text post!)




Madame B Fatale


Me, MIA…. Sorry Dolls!

It’s been pretty damn quite around here lately, so quiet I haven’t really been online for a couple of months. Well I’ve been online but not really blogging or vlogging.

Why you may ask? The first part is simple, I went on a bit of a holiday for a couple of weeks with some friends, got to go to IMATS, see the Tim Burton Exhibition and a few gigs. Yes I had a rather lovely time thanks for asking! All of this was going pretty swell until I returned home and found my computer completely shagged! I mean shagged, no turning on , no noises of distress or lights, anything. So whilst that’s been getting fixed I have only had access to the internet from a rather old and tired Laptop that basically refuses to run any software. The computer itself is up and running –ish, I am now having a few sound problems, actually I have no sound. Which let me tell you makes editing near impossible!

The reason why its all been taking so long is because pretty much the day after some loony bastard wrote off our car. Whilst we were sleeping and it was parked out the front of our house. Of course the driver had no manners and decided to drive off rather than leave its details, so we had also been without car.

Basically that was the longest way of saying that I’m back and I won’t be neglecting this space anymore.

I’ll leave you with a picture…. Oh wait sorry I wont, the bf took the other hard drive to work 🙁

So what have you all been up to? Anything exciting?

See you soon 😉

Madame B


Quick Update & Video


First things first, I’m going to be away for nearly two weeks so I won’t be around. I have set up some auto posts though so it may seem like I’m near a computer but I really don’t think I will be, ah the marvels of technology! I have to admit though since technology and me really don’t get along that well I won’t be holding my breath that they’ll actually work!

The reason I’m telling you all this is that I leave tonight and don’t want any of you to think that I’m ignoring you, I promise I will get back to you, eventually.

I have a new video up, its just a what’s in my purse tag that was requested.


I’ll also have a video review on Beauty Heaven I think sometime next week so be sure to check that out! If you aren’t already a member I’d suggest you check it out. Its an Australian website that has lots of cool stuff like user reviews, product demo’s celebrity style and more.

I’ll talk to you soon, hopefully I’ll come back with lots of photos and info about the trip!


Madame B



So recently I did two guest reviews for two different but equally awesome blogs. I reviewed the new Sunpouch and also Benefit’s new Stay Don’t Stray If you would like to check them out links below


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray-

Also I have been trailing a few new goodies to review and I did a new video last night I need to edit. Hopefully it will be useable because I’m fairly sure the lighting sucked!

I did the makeup for a local Suicide Girls photo shoot, which was pretty cool! We were both happy with the results!

So there is plenty of things coming up, so stay tuned!

Madame B




Hey Dolls,

I just wanted to tell you all that I may be MIA for a little while longer as I’ve been sick and pretty much staying in bed. Should be all better soon and I will hopefully post my giveaway by next week.

Sorry for the lack of FOTD’S, Posts and Video’s

Talk soon 😉

Madame B


Products I’m Using

Moisturizer-  Triolgy Vital Moisturising Cream and Lancome Cell Defense

Wash- Garnier 3 in 1

Toner- Lush Tea Tree Spray

Other–  QSilica for my hair, skin and nails
Face Primer-  Smashbox- Hybrid and regular. Benefit Dr. Feelgood.
Eye Primer-  Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Foundation-  Revlon Colourstay

Powder- Maybelline Pure Powder Matte

Loose Powder- Face of Australia Translucent
Concealer-  Smashbox and Bourjois
Bronzer-  Benefit Hoola
Eyeshadow-  Too Faced Little Black Dress Duo

Base– Mehron Palettes
Eyeliner-  eBay Gel Liners and Loreal Intense Liquid
Mascara-  Maybelline Great Lash
Lipstick-  NYX Femme and still loving Mac Fashion Mews
Lipgloss-  Chi Chi  or K.K
Lipliner-  Bourjois Natural
Blush-  Smashbox Cast/Crew Duo, Benefit Dandelion
Highlighter-  Stilla All Over Shimmer
Make Up Brush-  Mac 187 so versatile!
Perfume- Marc Jacobs Lola or Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman (always a favourite!)

Hairspray- Got2b Volumising

Shine- Inecto Coconut

Mouse – Garnier XXL

Treatment- Herbal essence Long Term Relationship

Sorry I’ve been MIA!!!

I have had a few personal problems of late but I really want to post more often now in the new year! You could say that its one of my New Years Resolutions.

I was given a new video camera for Christmas so I can now do live tutorials, I am however having a few technical issues with editing so please bear with me, it will improve (hopefully) soon!

But I do have a new tutorial up!

Purple, Green and Gold Glitter Look!


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Mehron Tropical Palette

MAC Swimming e/s

Stilla Dahlia e/s

Smashbox nude e/s (?)

SugarBaby Gold Glitter

MAC Fix+

Duo Glue

Revlon Fantasy Lengths eyelashes

Smashbox White eyeliner

SugarBaby  Gold  pigment

Bourjois Nude l/l

K.K Lip gloss (best nude liquid lipstick, EVER)

See that green part,that’s my technical difficulties. If anyone has any idea what’s going on I’d love for you to tell me!

Madame B