Tip of the Day

When choosing a place in your home to apply your makeup, look for a room which has as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have this as an option check your makeup with a pocket mirror outside before you leave the house.

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Tip of the Day –

Make up is probably the easiest and cheapest way to vamp up your style or to try new trends. It washes off so any mistakes or looks you don’t love aren’t permanent.

So Mix up your look every once in a while.

Try something new and see how great you feel!

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DIY : Palettes From Leopard Notebooks!

Ok I know I tweeted about this probably last week but I took the photo’s uploaded them, and well I deleted them. (or I can’t find them) So I just took some new ones of the project finished!!!

Here they are


The main reason I wanted to do this was to de-palette some of my Estee compacts that I don’t seem to use because I don’t like quads. I also did the 10 pan blush palette and a few other’s I had lying around.


This is the shadow palette. These are again Estee ones, a few pigments I pressed and some other random shadows I didn’t seem to use.


How I made it

These notebooks I got for $2-3 a while ago and I only bought them because they are leopard. I never used them I just liked looking at them, (yes I’m aware I may have a slight problem).

So I took the paper out, saved it for notes.

Covered the inside with that plastic damask material I have so much of .

Then for the edges, I covered plain straws with the plastic and hot glue gunned them on. I added the pink ribbon to tie it closed.

Because I’m so impatient I didn’t attach the shadows/blushes with magnets but with blu-tack instead!

I literally made these with stuff lying around the house .

Hopefully I’ll use this stuff more often now!

(These are no way near air tight and will definitely not be holding cream shadows.

The Reason I chose the plastic  to cover it with is so I can wipe down and clean it, also so if I spray alcohol onto it it wont disintegrate)

Have you ever made your own palettes??


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Wedding Tips

As i had just done a tutorial on makeup for a wedding I thought I should include some tips to make your makeup last longer and some things that may prevent stress from something unexpectedly going wrong!

  • Always do a trail run with your makeup and hair before the day so you can work out exactly what you want. Look online(Google images) and magazines for pictures. Don’t be afraid of telling the makeup artist what you are after but take notice and ask for their feedback because not everything suits everyone!
  • Try and refrain from doing anything drastic with your hair before your wedding unless you are exactly sure what you want and if it will suit you. Yes hair grows back but not in time for the wedding.
  • If you are uncomfortable wearing a lot of makeup don’t think that you should just grin and bare it for the day. Find what’s comfortable for you.
  • A wedding day is usually rather long and you want to make sure you are going to look flawless all day! Make sure the products being used are long wearing.
  • A bright or bold lip can look fabulous but to be honest its a lot of up keep. If you aren’t up for reapplying every so often you may want to go for a more neutral lip so you can just keep adding gloss.
  • Don’t wax on the day of  make sure you do ita few days before to make sure the area settles down. Also freshly waxed eye area doesn’t hold makeup well.
  • If you are getting a spray tan also don’t do that the day of either in case god forbid it goes wrong! Also remember you should wax a day before tanning.
  • If you are planning on doing your own makeup plan it all out in advance and practice, practise, practise! Don’t do something overly complicated if your not comfortable either! Take pictures of your trial runs, it will help you to stay focused on the day.
  • If you want fuller lashes but don’t want the hassle of applying false lashes but still want the look  why don’t you try tinting your lashes and get eyelash extensions! This is also great if you are having second thoughts with mascara as  you’ll shed a tear or two.
  • Your shoes you are planning to wear, they may look fabulous but remember that feeling when you wear new shoes out for the first time, wear them around your house for a week before to break them in a bit.
  • Things to have on you or a handy bridesmaid are : Bandaids, painkillers, safety pins, bobby pins, breath mints or spray (not chewing gum) , a small perfume, roll on deodorant, Lip gloss or lip stick, a sponge with a little of your foundation on it for touch-ups.
  • You can buy small gel inserts for your heels and things for the sling back to, every bit helps you want to be comfortable as possible anyway!
  • I know its hard but make sure you get enough sleep the night before and refrain from drinking too much, don’t drink too much whilst your getting ready either that’s what the reception is for.
  • As I said its a long day so make sure you have something to eat before you get ready or whilst your getting ready.
  • The time of your wedding is also something to consider, if your wedding is in the morning you will have to get up VERY early to get your hair and makeup done and get dressed! Like 3 am early, earlier if you have a large wedding party, if your not keen on an early start maybe go for an afternoon wedding.
  • Another thing that I think is overlooked try and stay as close to where the wedding is being held as possible, trust me this helps so much the day of!
  • Smile its your wedding day one of the most important days of your life so make sure you have fun!!!!!

Ok that is it for now. I know a lot of this is things you hear all the time but they are definitely worth thinking about!

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Tip Of The Day – Primer

Here’s a great tip I read by Laura Mercier,
Keep your primer in your fridge so it instantly cools and soothes your skin!

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Tip Of the Day – Hair

So your hair elastic/band doesn’t slip spray it with hair spray before you tie your hair up!!

Oh and if you have lightened blonde hair try not to use coloured elastics as the colour can stain your hair.

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Hair masks are something that most people skip completely. They can be expensive but they are worth it! SO if your strapped for cash but want to give your locks an extra bit of moisture and conditioning try this out,
All you need is an avocado and some olive oil to mix it up with. Cover your hair (dry preferably) completely with mixture cover your head with cling wrap and leave in for just under 30 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly and then shampoo and condition as normal.

Another one here is for shine,
All you need is a couple of eggs, smother over your hair and leave for a few minutes. Rinse through with white vinegar then shampoo and condition as normal. The vinegar will also help remove any product build up. It may smell a little of but your hair will love it!!!!

Tip of the day – Body

To help boost circulation you need to exfoliate. You can do this by making a simple salt scrub, moisten 1 cup of sea salt with water until it forms into a sticky paste then massage all over body. Do this right before a shower (preferably standing in the shower it can be messy!) and remeber to moisturise properly after!