Valentines Day–Last minute tips!

Over here in the future (Australia) its Hallmark Valentines Day mourning morning. If you have anything exciting planned but don’t know what to do beauty wise ,(as you most likely already assumed after reading the first sentence I do not), I’ve compiled a little list to help you look your best!

Want to wear red lips but don’t want to end up looking like a certain Batman character after all that wining/dining/smooching?

Wear a red lip stain, besides not having to continually touch up a red lipstick all you have to do with a stain is keep those lips moist so a mere balm will do.

If you want your makeup look to stay put

Applying cream blush under powder blush, eye shadow primer under shadows, lightly powder your foundation and ending with a makeup finishing spray, can help your look to last all night.

Want fluttery lashes?

Opt for some natural lashes (such an oxymoron), like Ardell Wispies. If you don’t have time then I’d suggest a good waterproof mascara.

Having a hair dilemma? Have a busy day and minimal time to get ready before the date?

I’d suggest one of my favourite hairstyles the simple half up half down. Looks great on straight/curly/ slightly messy hair and all you need is a little spray and pins. Bump up the top section for a little height (tease, if needed) spray, pin and then spray. Not too much spray, crunchy hair does not make for sexy hair.

94434923406130285_qAe4eqZD_cIf you are heat styling remember to give your hair some love too by using a heat protectant!

With all that said, make sure you are comfortable in the look you choose. Nothing worse than going out and feeling self conscious. I don’t do my makeup and hair to make anyone happy but myself and you shouldn’t completely change your look for someone else either!

Hope you all have a lovely day no matter what you are doing!

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Madame B Fatale


Tip of the Day

I am as guilty as most of having a cup (or ten) coffee’s throughout the day to keep me going but did you know that caffeine causes dehydration? And that dehydration of the skin is a known contributor to wrinkles?

Avoid soft drinks completely and cut back your caffeine intake from coffee (and some tea’s) or try switching to decaf and make sure your drinking your 8 glasses of water a day. Your skin will thank you in the long run!


Madame B


Tip of the Day

Think that added sugar in your food and drinks is only bad for your hips? Think again, sugar increases the rate of  a process called glycation which basically breaks down the collagen in your skin. Less collagen = wrinkles!


Madame B


Marcel’s Tip #4

It’s SHOWTIME with Marcel…

Always put your best face forward


NARSISSISM #4-Marcel says:

"Matte skin always looks beautiful and clean. After foundation, apply a translucent loose powder with a powder puff and buff away any  excess with a large, soft brush. This will create a luminous, satin finish rather than a dry, powdery surface."

Another quick tip from Marcel

Marcel Wants You!

to have flawless skin


NARSISSISM #3-Marcel says:

“Never create a mask with foundation. Look at the skin objectively, and pay close attention to areas of the face that need more coverage.

Apply foundation to the center, and always blend outward.”

Quick tip from Marcel of NARS


Introducing NARS’ Very own Marcel


Marcel says:

“Everyone wants a dewy complexion. But there’s a fine line between a dewy glow and greasy skin.

Keep your face hydrated without looking oily by blotting with a tissue to remove excess cream or moisturizer.”

Madame B


ps Too too too cute right!

Tip Of The Day – Hair

Always brush your hair before washing it.  As you should never use your regular brush on it while its wet!

Instead use a detangling comb after/while you condition or to help spread a treatment through the ends.

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Tip of the Day

Eye drops are great to use before you do your makeup when your going out. They will brighten your eyes.

You can also dab a little onto any spots you may have as they help reduce redness. Leave on for 10mins the rinse off before applying makeup.

Just make sure you use clear eye drops for this as you don’t want to stain your face.

Madame B