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TFSI1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance – I’ve already reviewed this magical product before here, so there’s not much else I can say except I use it on basically every eye makeup application!

BurtsBeesRadianceLotion2. Burt’s Bee’s Radiance Lotion – Gorgeous summery ‘going out’ body lotion. The reason I say going out is due to the stunning shimmering mica particles in the product that makes your skin look healthy and glowing. Plus its fast absorbing and hasn’t transferred onto my clothes once!

IMG_21293. Macadamia Naturals – The whole range (is this cheating?), well the only product I haven’t tried yet is the new curl cream so all but that. I’ve reviewed the oil here (ages ago, I had red hair!), I’ve given some away in a prize and a review coming for the Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask to come.  I absolutely LOVE this range, keeps my colour in, makes it shiney, feels stronger and the scent is lovely to boot!

Biotouchclarifyingshampoo4. Wella BioTouch Pure Purifying Shampoo – This is one of those products that I’ve found pretty much invaluable as soon as it hit my bathroom shelves. I use it maybe once a week and it helps really clean my hair. Especially if its been one of those weeks when I’ve gone a tad overboard with the styling products that week (translation – most weeks)! My boyfriend has even used it to help get out of all the product from his hair when he’s had his mohawk up – yes its that effective.

orlyredflaremehronglitters5. Mehron Glitters – I bought a Dynamite Red and Pricilla Pink from the booth at IMATS last year and have been kicking myself ever since that I didn’t buy them all! I think I paid between $5 and $7 and they come in a very generous size. In the picture I have used then together over Orly’s Red Flame nail polish and I am really loving the effect, plus they are great on the eyes as well.

loverslane combo6. GlamourDollEye’s shadows – I received my order only about two weeks ago and am already in love with them. I got a few sample sizes in the jars, at only $2.50 (or cheaper in the sets) I think it’s a great way to try out new colours. Oh and sample orders are free WORLD WIDE and if you purchase the sample singles and want a full size after trying it just email them and they will discount the price of the sample for the full size!

Cargo Eye Shimmer7. Cargo Eye Shimmers Set – I’ve used these in a couple of FOTD’s in the past few months and I am loving them. They may be small but all the colours are gorgeous and to be honest whilst I love large size pigments but I might actually be able to get through theses!

IMG_00018. BabylissPro Hair Electricals- I was given a few of these to review and have been using them non stop (sorry hair, I know I promised not as much heat styling). All three tools have an impressive heat range, super long cords, sleek designs and easy to use! I’ve done demo’s on two of them so far here and here, plus there is one on the C-Styler coming up.

Tremble-open9. Illamasqua Blushers– There is no way I could leave them out! Hard to choose a particular product I love the most but I guess its going to have to be the Powder Blusher in Tremble. I have a swatch and overview here.

darling10. Sugarpill Shadows – Oh.My.God! These only arrived this week too but it really was love at first sight. Favorite so far is Darling Loose Shadow, but I can see all of these being used quite a lot and will definitely feature in upcoming tutorials and FOTD’s! HERE & HERE


So here’s the point I meant to tag people, I’m pretty late on the bandwagon (hah what’s new?!?) so I’m not going to tag anyone in particular instead I tag anyone that wants to do it! If you do make sure you leave a link in the comments section, or just leave your favourite in the comments section if you don’t want to do a whole blog post.

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*Some products had been provided for consideration, not for this post but for reviewing and demonstration purposes. The list just happens to be the products I am really loving at the moment!

5 Product Challenge…..

I’m not gonna lie, I failed! But only by 1 product so its not that bad I ‘spose. I was tagged by Hip&Haute , you really should check out her blog!

So what did I pick, (thanks for asking!)

First things first I had to pick a foundation, my skin was looking rather patchy so that just had to be  fixed, I used Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. I’m not entirely sure why I chose it as its one of my “oh my skin looks really good today, I only need a little foundation, foundations” and the fact that I had red patches and two spots meant I had to layer it a bit.

Next problem was my under eye circles, that just seem to get darker and darker these days.For this I used Illamasqua’s Emerge Cream Pigment, which works a treat! I also used it as a base over my lids, as a super light blush (just to ‘brighten’ my complexion a little). I had originally hoped to use it for my lips as well but it really would have looked odd with a nearly bare face. In hindsight (what a wonderful thing) I wish I picked Sob cream Blusher from Illamasqua instead but I already have a pink and brown tutorial and I felt it would have looked a bit too similar.

To fill in my brows, line and shade my eyes I use Nude by Nature Waterproof eye pencil in brown. I then used Illamasqua’s Halcyon Illuminator on my cheekbones, cupids bow, inner v and brow bone highlight area.FOTD Chalenge

The photo’s were taken after I cheated and added the Illamasqua Gloss in Rouse, the look really needed it if I were to leave the house. Not that I was as soon as I finished filming I washed my face did a quick mask and watched old episodes of Desperate Housewives. Yes my life really is that exciting!

Oh and on a side note, if any of you lovely readers took part in the #bbloggersoz chat last Sunday you would have not only learnt some in-valuable photography tips (like I did) but you may have noticed that I mentioned I usually have to adjust the lighting and colours in IrfranView (Photoshop is far too advance for me at the moment sorry to say) then crop before it starts to resemble what I looked like in real life. But I took my usual million (ok I exaggerate a tad) shots, played around with my camera settings and voila, the shots came out perfect (colour wise, I need to work on my posing ha!) all I had to do was crop! Ok this may not be as exciting news to you as it is to me I just thought I’d mention it anyway cause I can. Oh and the second photo is stretched because Live Writer just likes to mess with me sometimes.

Make sure you tune into Sunday’s Twitter chat, they’ve all been awesome so far!

Of course if your wondering how I applied each of the products watch the video below….


As this is a tag I probably should pass this on. But its been going around for a while now and its likely most people have done it or aren’t interested, however if you haven’t and are make sure you try it and tell me! (Its harder than I thought to only pick 5 products, I mean I knew I would have some trouble picking but not that much, and I cheated, its kind of embarrassing how much of an indecisive hoarder I am…..)

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All products purchased by me except the Illamasqua gloss, but that will be reviewed at a later date.

40 Questions Tag

I decided I do a tag that’s been making the rounds.

(I did a tutorial for the makeup in the video I just need to edit it!)

I missed a few questions. I do have freckles and no I don’t or ever have used Proactive, (I’ve heard to many horror stories plus my skins dry enough already).


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Blog award! ;)


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I am going to cheat a little and say to check out my blog list as they are all there because they all offer something different! I may not read every single post ( there are so many!) but there is always something good to read!!!!

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The lovely Cassie of They’ve created a monster…..
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Anyways, here’s my 12:

In no particular order
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Tagged – Favourite FOTD

I got tagged by the lovely Krasey Beautiful to pick my Favourite Look / FOTD

I think this is it

Mehron Tropical Pallet

Mac Too Dolly Pallet ( all)

Loreal Eyeliner Kohl

Maybelline XXL Mascara

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Under eye Photo-Op

MAC Grape pigment

Mac Milk pigment

Smashbox Highlighter in Sunset

Santee Natural Lip liner

Mac Mimmy lip gloss

Cheapie False Lashes

Mac Fresh Brew Lipstick

haha, I forgot to tag someone!!

So I tag

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Tag your it – Honest Scrap Tag

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Lets get started!!

1. I also can’t drive, never learnt !?!

2. I love crafting and most things DIY. Making clothes, hair accessories ect.

3. I love TV and Movies.
I love Mad Men, Pushing Up Daisies, True Blood, Buffy and Angel. I own hundreds of dvd’s.

4. Insane Fear of Heights

5. not to fond of escalators either…..

6. I really really hate feet. I can’t stand them touching me or me touching them. It give me chills thinking about it.

7. A day won’t go by without me having at least two coffee’s.

8. My favourite food ever would have to be Chinese 🙂

9. I have two dogs, a lurcher (Roxie Heart) and a Maltese x Shi Tzu (Brandy Alexander) and a Cat which is a Siamese x (Cordelia Chase).

10. I’m a terrible hoarder, i keep everything.

Well that’s it !!!

I am meant to tag 10 people but so many have done it now its hard to pick so here we go

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