Hair Free Legs for Summer….

Living in the Southern Hemisphere means that its almost summer and a lot of us have had to already ditch the tights and stockings and actually reveal those gams! So hair removal is slowly becoming more of a necessity than in the cooler months when you have the option of throwing on a pair of tights if you don’t feel like shaving, waxing or whatever method of hair removal your used to.

I like shaving, I just don’t have the patience for waxing my legs. I like the convenience of it, I like that at a moments notice I can shave and it doesn’t matter on the length of the hairs. Just one quick shower and I’m done.

El cheapo razors really can make shaving a nightmare, having to go over the one spot more than once can be frustrating and the cuts I’ve had from budget razors, ouch!! I think we could probably all agree that buying home brand razors can be of detriment to your sanity!

imageEnter the Venus Spa Breeze Razors specifically in the White Tea scent.

The first thing that stands out about this razor is the built in shave gel bars that eliminate the need for a separate shaving gel,  brilliant, right?!? That combined with the fact that the gel bars actually work makes this a razor that I will purchase refills for again and again. I don’t know about you but my bathroom is every minimalists nightmare. There are products here there and everywhere, I try to cut back, I swear I really do but sometimes its hard to put thought into action. This allows for one less item to be cluttering up my small ensuite.

These are the re-fillable kind, by far my favourite kind of razor to buy and use. Comes in a handy little compact that can be stuck onto your shower wall that holds cartridges and the razor on top. The design of the compact is another plus for me, it opens up with a few slots to store new sealed cartridges facing down. Meaning there is definitely no water getting in and ruining the spares!

Besides the great design features these razors give a nice and easy clean shave in no time at all. I haven’t experienced nicks or cuts and I get a smooth shave with barely any effort. Which I’ll be honest hair removal for me is usually a bit of a chore especially with the wrong razor!


What about the price?image

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Shaving System RRP $13.59
includes the refillable razor handle, two cartridges
and a shower compact
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Refill Cartridges RRP $18.15

Want more information?

Site has reviews and some handy shaving tips!


Do you have any hair removal tips??

Madame B


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