I gave my brushes a new home!!!!

Let me first tell you my house gets dusty, very dusty. Living this close to the beach and a semi-industrial area this was expected to happen. I hate dust and I don’t like the thought of my brushes getting dusty, especially since I take care of them and hope to have them for a long time. (Not to mention the price!)

My solution to this is a pretty planter box!!

100_8640 100_8638 100_8639

I’m fairly certain I picked this up at Target a long while ago, but only just realised what a great ‘home’ for my brushes it would make! It fits in with my storage stuff quite well I think.

I ran out of enough rice for the bottom so over the top I poured in some beads and buttons I have no use for at the moment.

Cute, isn’t it?

How do you store your brushes?

Madame B


DIY – Pigment shelves

From a cardboard box!




Cut off lid


marked out ‘shelves’


cut  them out



made sure they fit100_8118

trimmed ends100_8121

painted all pieces white100_8122

this is the plastic I’m covering everything with100_8124


glue all in place


hanging on the wall


Thanks for looking 🙂

Madame B