Quick tip & Mini Review – None Of Your Frizziness Herbal Essences

image001 “ apply some Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Serum(RRP:$9.99 AUD) to a blush brush and lightly sweep over the top layer of hair to smooth any little frizzies”

Who would have thought, not me!



None Of Your Friziness Serum is one of the new products released since Leighton’s new ambassador role. I was sent the product a few weeks ago now and have to say it works like a dream. The scent is gorgeous as usual with all Herbal Essences products, comes in a convenient pump bottle for both ease of use and less product wastage. I apply 1-2 small pumps and run through my hair after blow drying, flat ironing or curling. Definitely lives up to its name by controlling my frizzy strands without interfering with my chosen style,(doesn’t make my curls drop!).

So to sum up its easy to use, actually works, smells gorgeous and its a at a budget friendly price point so a winner all round in my opinion. Cute name too don’t you think!?!

Charles Baker-Strahan, Leighton’s hair stylist and Herbal hair ambassador, says:
“Sleek, straight hair on Leighton really celebrates her beauty which is important to me, but it also highlights her edgier side. She can really go there with fashion as well and I wanted to show the wide range of possibilities we have, not only with Leighton but also with Herbal Essences.”


Madame B