Changing of the Seasons

With the Australian summer just around the corner and the weather already heating up it really is time to get ready.


If you aren’t exfoliating regularly its time to start now!

Trying to save some cash? Well you don’t have to pay big buck for this you could easily DIY it, Click here for an example recipe. But there are many on the internet just do a search!

Have you tried exfoliating gloves before? glovesThey are  inexpensive and really do help.

Exfoliating is especially needed if you are a tanner.

Two of my favourite fake tans are

SugarBaby Suntanned Sweeties


which is a really easy spray on tan and I find is a great ‘natural’ colour for my pale as the moon body!

Another I like is the Dove Gradual Tanners.


They are great for slowly building up a nice tan.

Please remember Guys and Dolls if you tan make sure its a fake bake as there is nothing cool about skin cancer!

The sun  also helps to age your skin faster so please remember to wear sunscreen !


After exfoliating its really important to moisturise. There are many choices to pick from ranging from the cheap like one of my favourites

Nivea Moisturising Lotion niveawhich retails at around $8 depending on where you purchase to the more expensive

MOR Body Butter

( I love this, it was originally given to me as a gift and i 350_Pomegranate.Body.Butter.jpglove the scent and feel of them!)

Feet and Hands-

Out go the boots and in come the sandals. This is the time to start those neglected winter feet!

There are many heel balms and foot files you can purchase to do them yourself either between appointments or if your like me to do completely yourself. (I hate people touching my feet, i know weird phobia!)

Why not try a bright polish on those toes to get yourself in the summer mood!

For your hands another product I like is handsSally Hansen Hand Resurfacer

to help smooth those dry winter hands.


Going to the beach or pools,   the water and humidity really don’t mix well with makeup so we tend to wear less.

Lash and brow tinting  can help give a more polished look without having to apply makeup and can last a few weeks.

Lash tinting in particular can help open your eyes by defining and giving the appearance of longer lashes.

So what are you plans for getting ready for summer and what are the products you reach for?

Madame B