are you a FREAK of nature?

illamasqua freak promotional image courtesy of illamasqua This Thursday the 20th of October Illamasqua releases the brands debut unisex fragrance, Freak. For those like myself this launch has been anticipated for quite some time now, and now that time has finally come

“Working with Illamasqua, I’ve had the opportunity to break all creative boundaries, and to create a truly wonderful magical potion. The unique and potent ingredients leave a truly unforgettable trail and that mesmerise the senses.” Azzi Glasser, Illamasqua Perfume Designer

The promotional images for the fragrance are nothing short of breathtaking but that’s something I’ve grown to expect with Illamasqua.

“For me Freak is all of the dangerously sexy parts of Kubrick’s film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ captured in a bottle.There’s no middle ground with Freak. The name, the packaging and the fragrance will polarise opinion to simply love or hate.” Illamasqua’s Julian Kynaston

Top Notes

Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna bewitch the senses into uncontrollable lust and passion

Heart Notes

Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom, caress and kiss


Harajuku Lovers Summer Makeover

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance: N.1. A Fatal Attraction to Cuteness

sunshine cutie (suhn-shahyn) (kyoo-tee) n.1. A super cute, sun-loving, beach-bumming doll who would never compromise on fashion for a day at the beach!

Here with a new look,

HJL Sunshine Cuties group bottle shot

The fragrances stay the same, the dolls just have a cute new summer wardrobe!!!

HL_Summer_Angel_04.27.2009_FRONT_CLNT v4(lo)

“LIL ANGEl” (an’jel) n. 1. One of the celestial beings attendant upon God. 2. A kind and lovable person. 3. The love who watches over me. 4. Slang. Someone who doesn’t get caught. 5. Cute little booger nose on my shoulder. 6. Wings that flutter.

A citrus gourmand

HL_Summer_BABY_04.27.2009_FRONT_CLNT v6(lo)

“BABY” (baŸbe) n., pl. ~bies 1. A very young child. 2. The youngest member of a family or crew. 3. My main squeeze, my honey, my plaything. 4. What boys say. 5. Hot sexy thing that makes me go crazy.

A dewy floral

HL_Summer_Gwen_04.27.2009_FRONT CLNT v4(lo)

“G” “Your look is so distinctive like DNA, like nothing I’ve ever seen in the USA – a ping-pong match between eastern and western did you see your inspiration in my latest collection?”

A creamy musk

HL_Summer_Love_04.27.2009_FRONT_CLNT v6(lo)

“LOVE” (luv) n. 1 A. An intense affectionate concern for another person. B. A passionate attraction. 2. A beloved person. 3. A strong liking or enthusiasm for something. 4. A zero score in tennis. 5. To feel love for. ~ In love. ~ Enamored. ~ v. Loved, loving.

 -A fruity floral

HL_Summer_MUSIC_04.27.2009_FRONT_CLNT v6(lo)

“MUSIC” (MUlSIC) N. 1. The art of organizing sound. Vocal sounds having some degree of rhythm, melody, and harmony. 2. A musical composition or body of such compositions. 3. The soundtrack of my life, feel it, shut up and listen, keep on dancing. (see also) life.

A sensuous floral

Previous releases included a winter wardrobe. These are limited edition so if you collect make sure you don’t miss out!

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties fragrance set available now (released 11 April)

5 X collectible eau de toilette 10 Ml ea $140.00

Madame B