Heel Huggers, another Gem from Original Sole

Have you ever bought a fabulous pair of new shoes only to ruin the heels on your first few outings? I know I have and this is exactly why I was interested in trialling these out for a few months.

    Protects heels from grass, gravel, wood decks and many other heel hazards.
    Discreet appearance, no adhesive required with heat activated shrink to fit protectors.
    One packet can cover up to 6 pairs of heels and are available in either clear or black.

Whether you spend $20 or $200 on a pair of shoes its always nice to keep them in as pristine condition as possible.  I don’t know about you but I’m always upset with myself when I scuff my heels no matter how much I’ve spent on them.  With this nifty new product all you have to do is cut to fit, slip on the heel and use your hair dryer to shrink to fit to the heel.



Once they are applied the heel huggers blend in nicely with your heels and are barely noticeable. (You do notice them, but not really once they are on from head height).

Another bonus is when the protector starts to wear all you have to do is cut it off and add a new one. So your actual heels are never getting the damage. Available in either clear (for any colour) or black  and come in three heel sizes (widths) so they can be easily applied to almost all heels.

These have been attached to my heels for a few months now and my shoes look as good as new. In my opinion $19.95 to protect up to six pairs of heels is a great investment to pro-long the life of your favourite heels!

These have made me much more confident in wearing my favourite heels to many new places I wouldn’t have before simply from the fear of ruining them.

Madame B


A pair of Heel Huggers were sent to me for review purposes.


I have pictures of them which I will update when I find them, sorry!

Original Sole- a Shoe Lovers Dream!


If your anything like me you probably see a fabulous pair of shoes and buy them consequences be damned. Well I have to admit that in my closet there are so many fabulous pairs of shoes I have never worn more than once simply because they slip, this problem isn’t heels specific either I have flats I’ve worn once never to be worn again from fear of slipping and falling flat on my face.

When I got offered to try these Grips1Cream_largeout saying that I was excited would have to be an understatement. If anything could help me feel safer in some of my favourite shoes that have been sitting in little plastic boxes in the dark I was keen to try out!

I swiftly peeled of the backs and stuck onto a pair of shoes I had been dying to wear. (Making sure the soles are clean and dry) Then I left them overnight and started wearing them the next day!

I have been using these for probably 1-2 months now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Not only solving the no slip problem they can also help extend the life of your souls as they protect from wear and tear.

They are available in packs of 1 or 2 pairs, prices start at $9.95 and come in black, white and cream petal(pictured) and also RED HEARTS!!! Cute huh!

I love these and am definitely going to go pick up a couple of the heart shaped packs and get sticking them to all my barely used shoes.


Now if someone would invent something to make my favourite heels as comfortable as my wedges!

Madame B


(Sorry about the craptacular photo’s doll’s, I’m having a fight with my camera and as you can see I’m not winning!)

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