FOTD – 1980’s Party Makeover

So as you all know by  now this is my sister Elisha. She needed a last minute dress up idea for a Bad Taste Party and this is what we came up with, (all from my wardrobe mind you!!)


The makeup could have been better but I kind of just went with it!!! No lip product as she was just going to add gloss once she got to her car.

(I wish you could see the hair more, Its my favourite part! I curled it and then added some pink extensions and twisted it off to the side and added that massive bow headband.)

Madame B


Makeover – Elisha

Elisha , my sister for those of you that don’t know, was going to the races today and wanted me to do her makeup. I also fixed her hair up (as much as i could with 2 mins to spare!)

Here are the photo’s just before she left.

We just went for a basic Teal Smokey eye to brighten up the outfit a bit.




(The outer corners were darker ?!? camera stuff i guess)


I wish that dress looked half as good on me 🙂

So that’s it hope you enjoy!

Madame B


Make Over – Elisha Part 2

This was the first day that I did her make up.
A bit more wearable than the previous post!

(Oh and before she had her eyebrows done)

Madame B

Make Over – Elisha


My sister has been down visiting this past week so i took the opportunity to play with my make-up !!

Here I used bights just for fun!

(this is something she would never wear, oh and I did her hair to but as you can see it really needed to be washed!)

Madame B