MAC Face Charts – Therese Rawsthorne RAFW

M A C_RAFW10_Therese Rawsthorne_Linda Jefferyes

Key Make-up Artist: Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C

Inspiration behind the look:

“Sun kissed and windswept. Deserts and dust storms where the inspiration behind the Therese Rawsthorne look. A rudy brown taupe cheek is the main feature to this look. Skin is creamy dusty and matt”.

Description of the look: A rudy brown taupe cheek is applied heavily across the cheek bone area. Brows are slightly heavier and the skin has a creamy dusty and matt finish to it.

Key Products to used to create the Look:
Face: face and body foundation, polished ivory chromecake, Powder Select sheer/loose.
Cheek: Taupe, sculpt
Eyes: Taupe, gesso, vanilla , brow set clear, brow set Beguile and Girl Boy
Lips:  Myth

Madame B


MAC Face Charts – Nookie RAFW

M A C_RAFW10_Nookie_Nicole Thompson

Key Make-up Artist: Nicole Thompson, Senior Artist M.A.C Australia

Music festivals of the 70’s and how someone fabulous would look after a day in the sun – dancing and have the time of her life…effortless..this is just how she looks – but how did she achieve it?

Uber fresh skin with a creamy bronze look, eyes are washed with nutty tones of brown, copper and tan with chunky mascara – perfectly imperfect. Her skin warm her lips are natural
EYES: Groundwork Paintpot, Tan & Copper Pigments pressed on with fingers
SKIN: Face and Body, Sculpt concealer, Mineralize Natural Powder Pressed to perfect skin, skin is tanned with Mid-tone Sepia Cream Colour Base across the nose and cheeks, temples and jawline.
CHEEKS: Vintage Rose Cream colour Base for a natural flush, and Pearl Cream Colour Base for  the after sun glow
LIPS: Cleaned with make-up remover, conditioned with Lipconditioner clear and then Vintage Rose CCB press lightly over the top


Madame B


MAC Face Charts – Zimmermann RAFW

M A C_RAFW10_Zimmermann_Linda Jefferyes

Key Make-Up Artist: Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C

Inspiration behind the look

: “Cool and modern. Nothing is overdone or underdone. Strength yet soft. Balanced. Fresh creamy pure skin is highlighted by a strong deep plum lip”.

Description of the look: Perfectly manicured creamy skin. Eyebrow are sightly defined and lips are painted a matt deep plum colour.

Key products to used to create the look:
Face: prep + prime skin, prep + prime lip filler, face & body foundation, set powder invisible and porcelain. Select Moisture Cover in light colours. Contour face with sculpting powder pro palette bone beige and shaping powder Lightsweep.
Eyes: Brow set clear, Impeccable Brow Pencil, Taupe Eyeshadow, Black Dirty Blonde. Pro long Lash barelash.
Lips: Lipmix Burgundy and I mixed some red into the plum Lipmix which made it more red.

_SFW8263ZimmermanSonnyPhotos _SFW8235ZimmermanSonnyPhotos

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MAC Face Charts for Manning Cartell RAFW

Look 1

M A C_RAFW10_Manning Cartell_Look 1_Natasha Severino

Look 2

M A C_RAFW10_Manning Cartell_Look 2_Natasha Severino

Key Make-up Director:  Natasha Severino for M.A.C

Inspiration:  “polished, modern Spanish woman”.

We wanted the make up to be in tonal hues of warm, coffee like colours. The skin is flawless and polished, highlighted in areas to reflect the summer sun. Eyebrows are strong and sculpted to give the make up a sophisticated sexiness.

_SFW8917ManningCartelSonnyPhotos _SFW8839ManningCartellSonnyPhotos

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More MAC at RAFW Face Charts

Camilla & Marc

M A C_RAFW10_Camilla  Marc_Noni Smith

Key Make-Up Artist:  Noni Smith for M.A.C


"Fresh faced modern beauty”

Description of the look: PRETTY, CLEAN, MODERN, with a pop of colour. Clean looking fresh skin with a light sweep of golden bronze across the cheek.
Eyes are dusted with peachy pink pigments and brows are strongly gelled upwards into place and lightly filled and extended.
Upper lashes are curled and coated in black mascara. Lips are natural matte flesh tone.

Key Products used:
Skin: M.A.C face and body, strobe cream, sculpt concealer, translucent finishing powder,
Cheek: Golden Bronze loose powder,     
Eyes: Pigment powders in Neon Orange, Acid Orange,
Lashes: Zoom Black mascara;   
Brows: clear brow gel and brow pencil in Dirty Blonde.
Lips: Lip Erase in Dim, Kinda sexy lipstick



Madame B


RAFW- MAC for Seventh Wonderland

Key Makeup Artist:  Sam Correy for M.A.C

M A C_RAFW10_Seventh Wonderland_Sam Correy


"I wanted to steer away from the typical "resort look", instead making the girls look perfectly refreshed and hydrated, as though they’d been drenched in therapeutic waters, not the sun."

Description of the look:

The look called for perfectly concealed skin with a dewy, light-reflective quality. I opted for a nude colour palette over vivid shades, and employed liquid shimmer to emphasis the contours of the face, clear gloss to slick the brows, lids and lips, and natural-looking false lashes, together with a hint of cream shadow, to define the eyes.

Key Products to used to create the Look:

Face: Studio Sculpt Foundation, Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, Contour with Root Cream Colour Base, Highlight with Strobe Cream and Gloss Crème, Blush with Bamboo Cream Colour Base.

Eyes: Fantastic Frost Cream Colour Base, line lashes with Kid Eyeshadow, Lashes M800-01, Lofty Brown Zoom Lash, Lash, Gloss Crème on lids, Clear Brow Set.

Lips: Freckletone Lipstick, Wildly Lush Plush Glass.



Madame B


RAFW – MAC for Ginger and Smart

Key Makeup Artist:  Natasha Sevorino for M.A.C

 M A C_RAFW10_Ginger  Smart_Natasha Severino


“The inspiration for this collection comes from inner feminine strength and self-awareness.”

“I wanted the make up to be naturally sexy for this show. Skin has been left raw yet made luminous, concealing only minor imperfections. Eye’s are defined and sculpted and gold pigment has been used on the eyes and peak of lips to give a ‘futuristic goddess’ feel to the make up. Soft cream coloured paint has been used as future tribal war paint in the centre of the forehead and temples, to relate directly to ones ‘third eye’ and one’s own self-awareness.”

Madame B


RAFW – MAC for Lisa Ho

 Key Makeup Artist:  Linda Jefferyes for M.A.C

M A C_RAFW10_Lisa Ho_Linda Jefferyes


“Inspiration behind the look: Sophisticated and elegant. Lisa Ho’s model is timeless yet chic. Copper brown eyes and feathered copper brows add a warm glow to this very chic look.”

Description of the look:

Creamy flawless skin with warm copper eye tones shape the eye. Brows are defined slightly heavier and a copper pencil highlights the darker brow. A well contoured face adds shape and definition, lips blend in with the creamy warm skin tone.

Key Products to used to create the Look:

Face: Face & body foundation, contoured with sculpting powder pro palette sculpt and shadowy and Paints Bamboom Set powder in porcelain invisible and dusty rose.

Eyes: Paints Bamboom, bare canvas, sublime nature. Eyeshadow texture. Brow set clear and girl boy. Impeccable brow pencil black, taupe and dirty blonde and Auburn lip pencil. Studio fix lash mascara in Studio Brown.

Lips: lipstick freckletone

Brows: Girl Boy Brow Gel


More to come!!

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