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Beauty Blogger Coalition Weekly Roundup


Week of April 10, 2012

Madame B Fatale

The Beauty Blogger Coalition Lip Product Roundup.

Beauty Blogger Coalition Lip Gloss Edition


This week I have something a little different to share with you all- a selection of lip balm/gloss posts from a few beauty bloggers from around the world!


Thank you and Update!

Hello Dolls

Just a quick update of sorts and a great big thank you to aka

for thinking of me in her latest video  Spreadin’ da Love!

Thank you so much it really made my week!

The youtuber’s she listed are

Siobahn –
Nikki –
Leah –…
Sharon –…
Kim –…
Candy –…
Natasha –…
Lindsay –
Kathleen –

I think you guys should really check them out!!!

Oh and me too

Madam B. –…

Make sure you check out Heathers channel too!

On other news my internet is up and running fine again (finally!!!) 🙂

I have two new video’s i have to edit and upload then I think I am going to go into a theme, Makeup through the decades, I will also feature popular Actresses, models  and singers from the corresponding decades!

So keep a look out for that !!!

Also I wanted to get in on the whole nail art craze, since i do love my long ‘talons’.

At the moment if your subscribe to and and you contact them you can get free pens if you follow!!! (pretty cool huh!)

Thank you so much to my new and Old subscribers its really encouraging to keep going! 🙂

Madame B