Eye’s Chic Eyelashes from KKCenterHK

lash2A Couple of months back you may have seen that I reviewed a more natural pair of lashes from KKCenterHK (that I’m STILL using), well today I’m here to show you a slightly more (okay a lot more) dramatic set!lash1


Es Eyelashes from KKCenterHK

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Choosing which ones to review was hard as there are so many fantastic styles to choose from. I ended up choosing the A218 style as these are a more natural, less dramatic lashes and although these aren’t exactly natural they are compared to the style of lash I would generally go for.

As these aren’t human hair lashes I was kind of expecting them to have that shiny plastic look some of the non natural lashes can have but they are actually quite fine and fluttery!

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I have used them in two of my latest tutorials ( here and eyehere) and worn them out quite a few times and I’ve had numerous wears out of two pairs so I can see this pack of 10 lasting a very long time! Costing only $10.94 (USD) per box of 10 so that’s a little over a dollar a pair and with them lasting quite a few wears per pair they are definitely a bargain!

Another definite plus is that they can be bent and shaped easily and they are also fine which makes them very easy to apply. As always would recommend investing in a good glue, my personal madamebfatalefavourite is Duo, and application will be a breeze.

The site that sent me them was KKCentreHK and they stock a wide array of lashes to choose from plus wigs, makeup, shoes and other stuff as well! Shipping from what I can tell is fairly inexpensive and they have a live help chat if you need any further assistance. Everything else on the site is really inexpensive as well.

So all in all I’ve been really impressed with with the lashes and their performance and also the price. I will definitely purchase some more, maybe not of this style as I don’t think I’ll be running out anytime soon!

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The lashes were sent for post consideration.