Aqua and Purple look – a FOTD

There wont be many pictures of this look as I look like a complete nut in them. I hate taking photo’s of myself, I don’t know what happens, I seem to loose control of my eyes and end up looking totally crazy. Well I don’t think that I look like a nutcase 100% of the time, but maybe that’s just me being delusional….

I’ll admit this isn’t my greatest blending here but it is my absolute favourite colour combination for eye shadows.

Anywhoo onto the products I used and the least crazy looking photo’s!

aqua purple dramatic bright eye makeup

What I used… (more…)

Dramatic Red & Purple Tutorial / Products & Photo’s


eyesSometimes I just feel like using everything in sight, as you can see this was one of those nights.

Before filming I knew I wanted to use some products from Illamasqua’s Theatre of the Nameless collection (Berber pigment and Kontrol Lipstick) and I can’t seem to put the Sugarpill products down so they were an inevitable inclusion.

Like I mentioned in the video for most this is completely un-wearable possibly even for fancy dress but hopefully some parts will be of use in some way.

So with all of that out of the way onto the tutorial, (products and pictured are listed below). (more…)

Illamasqua Product Overview Part 4

Today I have part 4 of the Illamasqua products overview check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 if you haven’t already! If you haven’t noticed Illamasqua has to be one of my favourite brands, I always find a product I need!

illamasqua motto eye brow cake


Motto Eye Brow Cake is a warm taupe brow colour perfect for non golden toned blondes. Applied with a light stroke it effortlessly fills in brows for a fuller look, but applied with a mixing medium it gives a very defined brow. The compact also has a handy mirror in the lid for application anywhere. This has been my go to brow colour for a few months now and I’ve found it perfect for my colouring.


The rest of the products are from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection.


are you a FREAK of nature?

illamasqua freak promotional image courtesy of illamasqua This Thursday the 20th of October Illamasqua releases the brands debut unisex fragrance, Freak. For those like myself this launch has been anticipated for quite some time now, and now that time has finally come

“Working with Illamasqua, I’ve had the opportunity to break all creative boundaries, and to create a truly wonderful magical potion. The unique and potent ingredients leave a truly unforgettable trail and that mesmerise the senses.” Azzi Glasser, Illamasqua Perfume Designer

The promotional images for the fragrance are nothing short of breathtaking but that’s something I’ve grown to expect with Illamasqua.

“For me Freak is all of the dangerously sexy parts of Kubrick’s film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ captured in a bottle.There’s no middle ground with Freak. The name, the packaging and the fragrance will polarise opinion to simply love or hate.” Illamasqua’s Julian Kynaston

Top Notes

Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna bewitch the senses into uncontrollable lust and passion

Heart Notes

Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom, caress and kiss



Well more like Photo of the Night as this is what I wore to the Illamasqua event. It wasn’t what I was planning on wearing but I was having a pretty craptacular day and ended up having to wipe the original look off, use some eye drops and starting again.

As you can see I really could have fixed up my lashes, (how embarrassing going to a beauty blogger event with jacked eyelashes lol), and I really should have went over the glue with a liquid liner but alas my mind was elsewhere so this is what I ended up with.1 (more…)

A Night of The Theatre of the Nameless–Illamasqua Event

Illamasqua Promo picture courtesy of Illamasqua with by Alex BoxJust released this week Illamasqua’s new collection Theatre of the Nameless for Autumn/ Winter 2011 was previewed to us on Tuesday night. Arriving at the Brisbane Myer, the MUA’s and counter were all decked out in their fabulous collection inspired looks along with three models for demonstrations of the products at work! We were greeted and given the new collections catalogue, which btw they are always filled with stunning looks, collection and product information. I also finally got to meet the lovely Mandi in person who has taken over from Christabel recently.

(Photo from Illamasqua, Makeup by Alex Box)

illamasqua theatre of the nameless collection at myer

illamasqua counter manager tiarahTo start off Tiarah (counter manager, look inspired by ‘the poet Sebastian’) spoke about the inspiration behind the collection –  A modern interpretation of the illicit underworld of 1920’s subcultures of Berlin.

In particular Anita Berber an infamous German performer and prostitute and one of her husbands Sebastian Droste who was a poet and dancer. Their marriage was short but notorious. Together they led a life of excess and rebellion, travelled, performed, published a book of poetry, photographs and drawings but Droste ultimately betrayed her. (more…)

Fame Sadist–EOTD

Awesome with titles right. I really love green so I decided to do a simple combination of green and blue with Illamasqua Fame and Sadist.

Illamasqua FAME SADIST (more…)

Illamasqua Product Overview–Part 3

Today I have part 3 of the Illamasqua products overview check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already!

First up today I have three powder shadows from the brand Angst, Sadist and Fame (L-R).Illamasqua angst sadist fame

All three are matte shadows that apply easily and blend well too! Out of the three Fame is probably the less pigmented one but is still easy to build up on the lid. My favourite of the lot would probably have to be Angst as I don’t have as many reds as I’d like and it looks fabulous in the crease area. It also slightly reminds me of the Laid Cream Blusher (pictured below). These shadows seem to last well, I’d recommend a good base to start off with as they can stain slightly.

Illamasqua Angst Illamasqua Sadist Illamasqua Fame