Halloween–Corpse Bride Practice UPDATED

Here is another look I had a stab at, the Corpse Bride from Tim Burtons fabulous The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was actually having a go at this because it will be a friends costume and I’ll be doing the makeup for her. I just wanted to see what works and have a play around with what products I’ll use. Because it’s a rough go I didn’t bother with blocking corspe bride makeupout my eyebrows and didn’t focus on the skin and lines as much as I will on the day.

I really love this as a costume idea.  I am a massive Burton fan to begin but also because no matter what face your pulling you still look sad- thanks to the eyebrows. This is a great (although extreme) example on how much eyebrows actually make a difference to your overall look.



Halloween Makeup Idea’s

I have compiled a watch list of all of my costume related video’s and thought that I might share it with you in case you were still looking for something to dress up as or still need some inspiration.


Mermaid Makeup Tutorial – Halloween

Mermaid MakeupAfter doing the wave envy trial video I felt the need to do a mermaid makeup tutorial so here it is!

As it wasn’t planned I wasn’t entirely sure where the look was going to end up but I’m fairly happy with the outcome. The main thing (if I had to do it again) I would change would be bringing in the scales into the top and center of my forehead. Plus maybe filling in the eyebrows a mix of blue and purple, but of course these things only hit me when I’m looking at still images after I’ve filmed. Oh yeah and not doing it when my eye’s were gross and death like ha!


Halloween– Harlequin Practice Makeup

Here in Australia Halloween unfortunately isn’t as widely celebrated as it is abroad, but it has been getting more popular in the recent years. Which is something I’m excited for as I love to dress up!

IMG_6011I did my first test run just the other day for a Harlequin look that one of my friends wants this year. She was rather specific and gave me a photo of the costume she plans on wearing and the makeup she’d like. (Here is the original look, check it out her’s is AMAZING! I love it!)




Super late Halloween – MY costume!!!

I completely forgot to post these here!!!! LITTLE DEAD RIDING HOOD (the wolf got me!)


I made the costume nothing too spectacular but it was really fun and gory 😉


So here are the pictures!!!!


15731_166287833682_525053682_2950123_3651182_n 11254_180616579680_707769680_2831504_3593119_n 15731_166287823682_525053682_2950122_3775081_n

Yeah they are late in the night!!!!!


Madame B



Halloween Colours – Orange, Purple and Green !

This is just a fun look to get us all into the Halloween spirit!

If your not dressing up why not still incorporate some of the Halloween colours into your makeup on the 31st.

Products Used

Revlon Colourstay Foundation and powder

Stilla All over Shimmer

Mac Hello Kitty Fun and Games Blush

BYS  Peachy Baked Blush

Revlon Colourstay eyeliner

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

120 palette (I’ll add a picture)

Too Faced Little Black dress duo

Santee Gold Glitter Liner

Loreal Intense Liquid Linuer

Napoleon Mascara

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes ‘Flirty’

Duo Lash Glue

Mac Most Popular Lipstick

Clear Gloss

Madame B



Halloween – Gypsy Tutorial

The final look of the eyes…….



Revlon Colourstay Foundation

Benefit Dr Feelgood

Stilla  All Over Shimmer

10 Pan Blush Palette

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes ‘Flirty”

Napoleon Mascara

Revlon Colourstay eyeliner

eBay Brown Gel eyeliner

Mehron Metallic Palette

Too Faced Steel Magnolias Duo

Estee Lauder Quad –

Tea Biscuit, Smokey, Mocha Cup and Berry Ice

YSL Golden Gloss in 02?

Plum lip liner

Oh I am wearing contacts by the way

Costume Ideas

A long floaty boho styled skirt would be perfect for this!

I would suggest jewel or earth toned clothing.

Just add a slip over it, a long scarf folded(on the diagonal) around your hips and add another to your head.

Wear lots of bangles, hoops or beaded earrings and your set!

I would suggest having your hair in messy beachy waves and maybe braided at the front?


Madame B


Halloween – RedBack Spider Tutorial

A plain black to red dress either long sleeved or wear a long sleeve shrug over it. Black or Fishnet stockings and black shoes/ heels.

For spider arms

You can make spider legs out of 3 pairs of black stockings, which accounts for 6 of the legs plus your own two arms.

All you have to do is get the stockings and stuff them with, scrap dark material, black paper, tulle, news paper, whatever you have.

The attach the stockings in the middle so each side has 3 legs. (you can sew or tie them together)

Thread the three legs on the ends and leave about a 5cm gap between each one, make sure you use a thick thread or even fishing wire. Then on the top leg add a loop big enough for your wrist to fit through.

Now for the middle (body?!?)

Option 1 , paper mache over half a balloon, paint black with a red stripe and attatch to the middle section of the stockings


Option 2 , Cut out an oval shape of black felt glue or sew on a red stripe down the middle and then attatch to the middle section.

And your done.

To attach to yourself you can either add arm loops of elastic or pin to the back of your outfit.

Products Used

Mehron Tropical Palette

Too Faced eyeshadow Insurance

Estee Double wear eyeliner pencil black

L’Oreal Linuer Intense Black Liquid liner

eBay Lashes

Duo Lash Glue

Mac Basic Red pigment

Mac Carbon eye shadow

Benefit Get Bent Mascara

Bourjois pastel trio

Masquerade Gothic White

NYX Chaos lipstick

Revlon Colourstay Foundation liquid and Powder

Masquerade White Blush

Thanks for watching 😉

Madame B