Studded Beanie DIY–a tutorial

Finally back with a tutorial perfect for our impending winter. Really easy this studded beanie may take a little time but is the perfect accessory for the cooler months.

As you can see I decided to stud in the word whatever, that was more than likely influenced by my recent 90’s teen flick kick I’ve been on lately but you can do whatever you like!


Quick DIY – Chained Bun with Scunci Pin Twirls

Back with another quick (5mins max including the quick DIY!) and easy pictorial with these nifty Scunci Pin Twirls & how to jazz them up a bit with some chains.

Chained bun a quick diy with scunci pin twirls


Here’s my last pictorial with the Scunci Pin Twirls.

Madame B Fatale


Disclosure: The Scunci products were sent to me to participate in the contest.

Fun Double Buns with Scunci Pin Twirls

I recently jumped at the chance to participate in the 2012 Scunci Blogger Contest, besides it sounding like a bit of fun I was intrigued by the Pin Twirls we were asked to use in our hairstyles. When I first opened the box, I’ll be honest, I kind of thought ‘they look like some sort of mini torture device, how are these going to work?’.

They are odd hair pins, but after using them I’ve found them to be great at keeping my hair done! Ill you do is twist them into the middle of your hairstyle, kind of like a screw actually. I easily came up with a few quick and simple styles, (I decided to separate the posts because these pictures could end up a mile long!)

I’m so glad I got the chance to try these because they aren’t something I would have immediately rushed out to buy myself but now that I’ve used them I really like them!

Fun Double Buns with scunci pin twirls

Madame B Fatale


Disclosure: The Scunci products were sent to me to participate in the contest.

Headband a DIY tutorial

Finally back with another DIY tutorial. I saw headbands/ turban style headbands on the Sportsgirl website a while back and they retailed for about $10.00 (cheap to begin with but whatevs), all the materials I used I had lying around so it was pretty much free for me to make.

What you will need:

A length of fabric (that will fit around your head with 2 inches or so spare, but you can have it as wide as you like)


Needle and thread

a ‘ring’ and a smaller piece of fabric / an embellishment you want to use

Step 1

Fold fabric in half lengthways with the print ‘inside’. Sew along the length of the fabric bunch up a little until its a little longer that the circumference of your head.

easy diy headband

easy diy headband

Step 2

Turn fabric the right way.

easy diy headband leopard print

Step 3

Get the ring you are going to use in the middle to connect the two sides. (btw i think this is from a curtain)

simple diy headband leopard print

Cover in fabric, its ok if you can see the sewing on one side as this will be the side it side on your forehead.

simple directions headband leopard print

Step 4

Fold the end of one side over (tuck in the ends) and sew the ring into the ‘loop’.

hand sewn headband leopard print

Do the same to the other side

hand sewn headband leopard print

Finished! This is as basic as it gets! Really simple to do in pretty much no time at all. You can always use a sewing machine but I’m keeping these as easy as possible, plus I like watching TV when I do crafts so using a machine would be too noisy!

Helpful hint, use a stretchy material and thread.

diy headband leopard print finished

diy headband leopard print finished

Below are variations, just using a wider piece of fabric. I replaced the fabric covered ring with a knot of fabric. This is the perfect place to add an embellishment.

diy turban style headband leoparddiy turban style headband checkdiy turban style headband heart print

Next up will be a shoulder embellished cut up top.

Madame B Fatale


Turban a DIY Tutorial

diy turban finishedThis will be the first of two ‘turban’ tutorials, the second will be coming up and will be a turban style headband. But first up (below) I’ll be showing you how to make a ‘hat’ style turban.

I lightened the pictures as using back material for a DIY wasn’t exactly one of my better idea’s, I really should have used one of the many coloured jersey materials I have lying around or at least a different coloured thread so the steps were clearer. But like I said in my previous DIY a lot of the time I just get a thought of making something and that’s that!

So anyways onto the tutorial.

What you need-

a piece of Material, or an old Tank Top (which is what I used)

(I didn’t measure so basically when the material is folded over it just has to be too big to go around your head)

Cotton & Thread (although I used black fishing line)

Scissors (more…)