Brown Smoky Eye with a Pop of Colour for Fashion Addict–product’s and pictures


Back with a  wearable makeup look tutorial for an easy brown smoky eye with a pop of colour using some products that were sent to me from Fashion Addict and some others I already had. Before I post the video I thought I’d list what I used. As usual you don’t need to have all of these products to create the look but its good to be able to compare shades. The look is fairly budget friendly too which is always a bonus in my opinion!brown smokey eye fashion addict product photos (more…)

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips and Bronzers

Today I have a roundup of some Physicians Formula products I was sent and have been trialing  and enjoying over the past few months.

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner in Nude and Smoky

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom eye enhancing shadow and liner smoky nude (more…)

NEW Total Intensity Eye Shadows by Prestige

packaging prestige total intensity shadows

Prestige launched the new High Impact Total Intensity Shadows Australia wide today (27th Sept 2012).

As the name suggests these shadows are certainly pigmented but also buttery soft and have been a dream to blend! They can be used dry or wet for a more intense colour payoff, so far I’ve only used them dry as the colour payoff for me has been amazing as is.

total intensity high impact shadows by prestige swatch

L to R – Black Magic, Hocus Pocus, Hypnotized, Obsession, Addiction, Bewitched, Crave and Spellbound.

Oh and did I mention they are duo chromes?!? So the Total Intensity Shadows give off this gorgeous multi-colour almost wet looking glow. There are no matte in this collection so to wear I have been blending them out and using my face powder as my highlight, (also great way to blur edges if you go too full on with them). Wear wise there hasn’t been a problem, I’ve still been using a eyeshadow primer underneath, (but I do with all shadows as a precaution anyway). But no creasing or fading issues that I’ve noticed.

If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be Hocus Pocus, its a stunning almost brownish shade that blends out to a kind of burnt colour which gleams green. (Oh my describing skills are severely lacking today it seems!) I’d definitely suggest going into a store and swatching them, they are even prettier than what they look in the photo’s. (These were pretty hard for me to capture).

You can see me wearing Hocus Pocus and Bewitched HERE in my soft smoky eye tutorial, or Hocus Pocus, Spellbound and Crave HERE in my latest volume for hair tutorial. There will be more just need to get better snaps!

Packaging wise they also tick all the boxes for me, they open and close easily and look quite sleek.


Retailing at $18.99 AU RRP, but until 5pm today you can buy one get one free on the Prestige Website! (Just follow the directions below).

packaging prestige total intensity shadows “They are finally here and we are so excited!!!!!
For 1 day only, when you buy any NEW Total Intensity Eyeshadow, you will receive another Total Intensity Eyeshadow valued at $18.99 FREE!!!
All you have to do to redeem this offer is select the 2 colours you would like and enter the discount code below at checkout.
Feel free to share this offer with your friends!     

Valid until 5pm, Thursday 27th September 2012 only. Can be used as many times as you like in one transaction. Can only be used once per person. Free Shipping for all orders over $50.
Use the following code when checking out: LAUNCHEYESHADOW”


Madame B Fatale


Disclosure, Shadows were sent to me for trialling/review purposes. As always opinions are my own.

eyeMAJIC I can see the appeal, but….

I love a gimmick as much as the next person, but is eyeMajic really worth the money? Read on…product

Here I am bare eyes with just a smidge of foundation, brown pencil on my waterline, no eye shadow primer oh and my brows are done (well duh!).before eye

Next swiping off the shadow thingy, so good so far.


Here we can fully appreciate my first problem, my eye lid area is just too big. Otherwise the colour payoff is pretty good, just needs blending.IMG_1736

Still unblended but I thought I’d take a shot with my eye’s open for you all to see the results thus far.IMG_1737

And my second problem emerges, I didn’t use the eye shadow applicator to blend because in my mind a blending brush would be better right? Wrong!IMG_1751Where did the shadow go? I only blended for two ‘sweeps’…….IMG_1752This is basically the major problem, the shadow didn’t ‘stick’ to my eyes. I didn’t want to apply a primer first because I wanted to see what would happen.

Now this is the final result, whilst I do think it looks soft and pretty its far from what I was expecting.IMG_1764

Even with this result I must say that the little shadow that was left on my eye’s didn’t crease and lasted the day fine.

wmascaraI’m fairly certain I should have applied a shadow primer to begin with, and maybe use the applicator instead, but I was thinking fast and easy and this is what I got.

I can honestly see the appeal it is quick, comes in a pretty great selection of pre-matched colours but ultimately I feel that in reality your better off purchasing an eye shadow quad and slowly learning to do it yourself.

I am going to try these again, with a base or primer plus I’ll stick to the instructions and try and ‘blend’ with the shadow sheet/applicator, we’ll see how that goes.

But until then I think I’d only recommend these to those either starting out in makeup (I can see it helping in the long run with product placement) or those that never wear makeup. Even then though I would definitely suggest that you blend as it looks kind of odd with the stripes of shadow.

I thought I’d mention that these retail at for $4.95 for a 2 pack. Also that they were featured on Oprah some time ago and I’m assuming why they got so popular.

Have you tried these before?? What do you think?

Madame B Fatale


EyeMajic was provided free for review/trial purposes