Permanent Hair Removal, AT HOME!

Ever thought about it, you have, well keep reading!
I was asked if I would like to try the E-ONE IPL machine for 2 months to see the results for myself and review. All though I was nervous at first it has been something I had been dying to try since I remember seeing it on TV a while back. I was also assured that they were after and honest review and not just to sing their praises. So here we are 3 months later and the review.pink_dark_300
EONE is the first of its kind, up until now IPL has been and expensive
procedure available only through salons. Now you are able to do it in the comfort of your home at any time you wish!Now one of the first things I wanted to point out about the EONE is that it definitely isn’t an impulse buy, costing $2495.00 for the system its something that you will want to research for yourself before buying. But if it works, that’s a small portion of what you would be paying in waxing, shaving or salon expenses over the course of a lifetime!
In the two months I had the chance to do two treatments as there are meant to be spaced out between 6-8 months apart.
The E-One really is simple to use, I read the book (twice) and didn’t encounter any problems. It also has a safety feature in which it makes you check off all the safety precautions before you start. I experienced a slight zap when using it, not nearly as painful as I had earlier envisioned! To be honest this was my main fear, that it was going to hurt.
Time wise my second treatment went along a lot faster than my first as I was much more confident with the machine. I would say that it could take up to 45 min for your legs but smaller areas such as your arms/ armpits is much quicker.
But here’s what you really want to know, the results. It is suggested that you do 10-12 treatments before you will experience the full effect and then yearly after that. So I obviously haven’t experienced the maximum results but I can say that my hairs are somewhat thinner and sparser. From these results I could see this working over a longer period of time.
For more information visit E-ONE.

Madame B Fatale