Full Sized Brush Set from MakeupNet – A Review


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MakeupNet sent me this nifty little brush set to review. It contains 15 different brushes for eye and face use and I would recommend this set to those trying to start their brush collection.

brushface1Four  of the brushes in the set are for the face. A large powder brush, a blush brush, a small face brush great for highlighting or contouring and a fan brush for light blush or bronzer application, plus a small lip brush. The face brushes aren’t the softest I’ve tried (by no means the roughest either) but they are ok for the price and the real gems in the set are some of the eye brushes.

The eye brushes that I found the most handy are the spooley, eyebrow and lash groomer, small, medium and large shadow brushes, large angled brush, and the eyebrow/ liner brush. There is also a sponge brush (I’ve never liked these for shadow application) and two small brushes that look similar to the lip brush, I’m unsure what these are for exactly but found them great for placing shadow on the lower lash line, waterline or a larger lip brush. The three shadow brushes are great for packing on colour over a small or larger area and the large angled brush us great for crease work. rest brushes
The only two brushes kind of missing in this set in my opinion would be a pointy eyeliner brush and a large fluffy blending brush. Other than that your pretty much set for eye brushes if your a beginner.

The set retails at $25.99 (AUD) and I think is a bargain for 15 brushes (around $1.75 each!), even if I only really love some of them!

I used these brushes in my "Who Said Neutrals Can’t Be Dramatic" Tutorial so you can see how well they work for yourself.

All in all I would say thee are some misses in the set but some hits as well and at this price you really cant go wrong. It even comes in a handy brush roll.




What Makeupnet says about the Full Sized Make Up Brush Set (Professional Makeup Kit)

“Full size makeup brushes made from natural hair.

All tools are 20cm long, so this is a full size makeup brush set.  Customers feedback on these sets is outstanding and you will love them too!

Supplied to Makeup Artists for their use with clients – no need to pay $100.00 for a set of brushes any longer.  Money back guarantee on this set.”

Description – 15 Brushes for both eye and  face
Cost – $25.99

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The Brush Set was sent for review/post consideration.

Tip of the Day – Brushes and Sponges

Make sure you clean your brushes regularly. Even if it is only with a mild anti-bacterial soap, leave to dry laying down on a towel (never stand up).

If you apply your makeup with a sponge make sure you clean after every use. Sponges can carry bacteria so its a good idea to only use them a few  times then throw them out.

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My favourite Brushes!

I will include my video response (with pictures) at the end of the post but I though I might take this time to write down some of my thoughts of these brushes!

The Smashbox #24

I adore this brush for all powders!! For not only initial application but also for contouring and buffing out if I’ve accidently gone a little heavy.

The brush is nice and soft dense, and has held up really well over the two years I’ve had it.

The Smashbox #23

Lovely brush, I would probably use this daily.

The brush it self is also soft and dense, give more control with contouring and highlighting than other brushes I’ve tried.

I’ve had this the same amount of time as the #24

The Ecotools Eyeliner brush

I love this as an eyebrow brush. Gives a great finish. My favourite eyebrow brush I have.

I think its too soft for use as an eyeliner brush though 🙁

The  Shiseido Eyeliner Brush

This came as a travel size with their creme eyeliner I purchased. This would be the perfect brush if only it was longer. I love it!

Great control, still very soft but gives a perfect line.

The Mac 187

I pretty much fell in love with this brush as soon as I got it ! (LOL) I use it for not only liquid foundation but also my cream ones too. Give the most natural finish and is quick.

I also use it for both cream and powder blushes.  Bronzer too, as I’m very pale and I only ever want a very light application.

The Mac 219

This brush gives perfect control for the crease, under and around eye area’s.  I also love it for detailed blending.

Thanks for reading 😉

Here’s the Video

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