Illamasqua Toxic Nature Blogger Event

This post is mainly going to be filled with pretty pictures, but to explain……

IMG_1856Last Friday night I got invited to attend the Brisbane Illamasqua Blogger Event, and gosh I am so glad I went! Not only did we get to watch a fabulous Toxic Nature look demo by Tiarah but we also were given some great tips for using the products. Finally meeting some of the girls I either chat to online or read their blogs was pretty awesome too, (even if I am terribly socially awkward, lol!)



Not only were we surrounded by gorgeous makeup but cupcakes too!

We learnt that Glister eyeliner is great for brides.illamasqua toxci nature demo

Lashes used were the #2 Strip lash that is a long strip of lashes (hence the name) that can be cut up into any desired length, half, full or individual pieces and you should get a minimum of 3 pairs from the strip!

Something else we learnt was that the lash glue that comes with the lashes is latex free, which is a major bonus as many people tend to have an allergy to latex. Also that when waiting for the glue to get tacky it will go darker in colour when its ready to be applied then dries clear.

during the transformation…IMG_1823

To set and brighten the face Tiarah used the 105 powder, (also to set the lips).








imageEye shadows…

Liquid metals….image

Some of the other lovely bloggers… image

In all of the excitement of getting ready and there I completely forgot to get a FOTD or any photo of myself!image


What’s in the gift bag? You’ll have to wait for the next overview of Illamasqua Products Part 3!!!


Thanks again to Christabel and Illamasqua for having me, and Tiarah for the fabulous demo, it really was a fun night!


Madame B Fatale