IMATS 2012 Haul

I don’t know why but I actually really despise the word haul but for lack of a better word there it is. I didn’t go as crazy bananas shopping at IMATS 2012 as I was expecting, I had saved up a lot more cash but I was surprisingly reserved with my spending. That being said there are a lot of things I wish I had of bought and a few things I wish I bought more of. First up I wish I had the patience to line up at Inglot but the crowds were insane and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy because I’ve hear so many great things about the brand I didn’t know where to start! But onto my purchases.

red cherry blync lashes la splash liners

Blync Lashes had a special on Red Cherry Lashes 6 for $20 I just couldn’t pass up and the three LA Splash Glitter Liners were love at first site and only $7.95 each! (Top to bottom: Eclipse, Golden Sea and Pink Sparkles) (more…)

Lipstick–Steps to a Longer Lasting Pout!

The following pictorial is something I have actually been meaning to do for a while but it always seemed to slip my mind. But after being gifted the Adderton Maya Liner and Russian Lipstick at Beauty Bloggers Utopia I though they might be the perfect products to use for this look!

As you can see I am using a red liner and lipstick combination but this is the same method I use for any lipstick, unless of course its a formula like the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge where you apply the liquid lip, wait to dry then apply the gloss.


Beauty Bloggers Utopia – Part 2

The Sunday of the Beauty Bloggers Utopia was even more jammed packed with all sorts of activities for us to participate in and was held at Cameron Jane Makeup Design in Surry Hills.

cameron jane makeup designFirst up was a lesson in facial symmetry which is where i learnt that my face shape is not in fact potato head but it is horizontally asymmetrical. We also leant how to help fix it with makeup and hair styles. Cameron also suggested we get a copy of The Human Face on DVD if we were interested in learning more, which I am going to try and find a copy next week because I found it pretty fascinating!

We were then introduced to the brand Lord & Berry who specialise in eye and lip products.

“The Lord & Berry philosophy is that eyes and lips are icons. In our virtual age of digital technology, eyes and lips symbolise a modern communication that is liberal and spontaneous yet real”


IMATS and Beauty Bloggers Utopia -Part 1

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that last weekend I went to IMATS and Beauty Bloggers Utopia.

The weekend started off with a breakfast held by Cosmetiques De France at the Guylian Cafe. If you haven’t heard of them they are Australia’s exclusive distributor’s of Bioderma, Uriage and Nuxe.


Next up was IMATS. There were a couple of booths missing from the last list I had checked but there was still more than enough to look at. The student competitions were happening (pictured below) and I also got to catch Kevin James Bennett’s talk. Which was not only informative but he was pretty funny as well. There was even a media room where we could go to get manicures, massages and refreshments thanks to Royal Langnickle.Students competition IMATS

As usual the day was pretty busy and the lines at MAC and Inglot were absolutely crazy! First stop shopping wise for me was Royal & Langnickle, after buying some brushes from them 2 years ago I was so impressed I knew I needed to buy some more. I also made some purchases from Blync Lashes, LA Splash,  Mehron, PM Studio for some Makeup Forever products, MAC and when I got home I made an online order from Crown brushes to get the things I completely forgot about. (Oh and that order arrived in 1 day!). All products I got over the weekend will be featured in a separate post though because I really need to break it up a bit.

imats mac modelYolanda Bartram's work at the 'Make-Up Artist' magazine booth at IMATS Sydney 2012

Above Left: A Model at MAC and Right: Yolanda Bartram’s work at the Make-Up Artist magazine booth.

After IMATS I went back to my horrid hotel room to relax (ha!) and get ready for the evenings legally blonde thanks to lust have itactivities. Which was going to see Legally Blonde the Musical thanks to Lust Have It! I personally really like Musicals and it was probably the perfect event for a group of beauty bloggers. There were drinks and then the show. We even got to go backstage to hear more about the production and meet some of the cast. I must say Erika Heyanatz is even more stunning in person (if that was even possible), and the girls in our group were pretty excited to meet David Harris and Rob Mills.

Well that was the first days activities, I had a wonderful time and I really can’t thank Sarah-May  Monaghan and Larah Kennedy enough. The weekend was perfect and I can’t even imagine how much time went into organising it all!

I will be back with more on the weekend soon!


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