Studs & Skulls–DIY Heels

I bought these shoes on sale a few weeks ago from Rubi, I loved them. They felt somewhat familiar and were on sale so I had to have them. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I realised why they felt so familiar, they are almost a direct copy of Jeffery Campbell’s I had been looking at on Urban Outfitters. Now I don’t mind ‘inspired’ pieces but these are too much of a copy for me to want to wear them so I thought I’d jazz them up a little with some skulls and studs. This is a really quick and easy DIY that really shouldn’t take any more than 30 mins (but probably less).

So onto the Pictorial, (I really wish I cleaned them at the end before I took the last picture, I was having trouble taking photo’s because they were reflecting almost everything)

studs skulls DIY heels


Madame B Fatale



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