Skin79 products from

skin79 products from

I have really been on a bit of a BB cream kick lately. I haven’t been wearing too much makeup but I do appreciate something on my skin as a bit of a base some mascara and a highlighter and bronzer. Oh and of course my brows filled in, lets be honest I’m not leaving the house without those done!

The products pictured above were kindly sent to me by to test out and give a review on.

First up is the Chiffon BB Mousse, unlike and other BB product I’ve tried its in a mousse form (well duh!). I honestly was a little skeptical about this as I’m not generally a fan of mousse textures as my skin can be on the drier side but the Skin79 BB Mousse melts into my skin effortlessly and actually gives off a dewy finish. I have been applying it withe the Chiffon Sponge $6.20 RRP (that looks a lot like a beauty blender, but is a bit harder) in a tapping and rolling motion. I apply it all over my face then go back in with a little more for those problem areas. I get a good 4 to 5 hours of wear with this BB Mousse and I only really need to add some concealer around my eyes for those pesky dark circles. It has a definite white undertone to it but once settled into my skin its actually not noticeable to me. The results have been a my skin but healthier kind of appearance which is what I like about it.

skin 79 chiffon bb mouse and sponge before and after pictures

Below is a few pictures of the Kick it Side Touch Me Now Mystic Highlighter.  Packaged in a cute almost pop art looking compact with a mirror this highlighter also has a bit of a glowing white payoff so you really only need a small amount of this for it to look good. Applied sheerly it gives of a lovely glow.

skin79 kick it side touch me now highlighter

Last but not least is the Kick It Side Hedwig Lash Washable, I’m not entirely sure what the washable refers to as I actually find I have to use an oily eye makeup remover to get all traces of it off and if I don’t it really stays put! The brush is quite small which really helps getting to the root of the lash and does elongate my lashes. The results are more of a daytime look for me as it doesn’t clump and isn’t too ott for daily use.

skin 79 kick it side hedwig lash washable picture before and after

Before and after skin79 products

All in all I have been enjoying these products over the last few months and can see myself continuing to use them, especially the highlighter!


Madame B Fatale


Disclosure, products were kindly sent to me by for review consideration.

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