Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls Triple Styler

by Madame B Fatale on June 9, 2013

A while back now I was sent the Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls Triple Styler and today I have some pictures of the results of each attachment.

silver bullet celebrity curls triple styler package

Here are some features of the Triple Styler-

    • 3 curling iron attachments: conical curling iron (13-25mm), triple barrel curling iron (19mm and 16mm), regular curling iron (25mm)
    • Titanium barrels for shiny, frizz-free results
    • Maximum temperature: 210°C
    • Dual voltage for worldwide use
    • Includes a travel pouch

Its hard to say which attachment I have been getting the most use out of as I’ve been really liking the results of all of them. One downside for me is that there is only the one heat setting, its not a big deal I just make sure I don’t hold my hair for too long as this baby gets hot!!! But all the other features are great especially the long cord, I know I always mention the cord length of a styler but my house has very few power outlets and a short cord drives me insane. The travel pouch is a great addition as the parts fit in there nicely and is surprisingly not too bulky for traveling.

The following photos are of basically using each attachment with very minimal styling afterwards but I did start off by using a heat protectant.


For the Conical attachment I grabbed random sections in different sizes and wrapped the hair around the barrel. Some sections I twisted before I wrapped them.

silver bullet conical wand

With the curling iron attachment I grabbed roughly 1 inch sections and focused the curl from the mid lengths down.

silver bullet curling iron

The triple barrel I started as close to the root as possible, I usually wouldn’t do this as it gives the hair a whole lot of lift but I knew I was planning on wearing it with my new beanie afterwards so it was a non issue.silver bullet triple barrel

The Silver Bullet Celebrity Curls Triple Styler is currently a Hairhouse Warehouse exclusive, retails for $129.95 (which is great considering it is 3 stylers in 1!) and can be found here.


Madame B Fatale


Disclosure: The Silver Bullet was sent to me for review/tutorial consideration.

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