Side Swept Hair– Tutorial, Products and Pictures

by Madame B Fatale on January 31, 2012

Finally back with my latest requested video for side swept curls. This hair style looks equally great neat or messy and is a great way to show off your favourite statement earrings without having to do an up-do. Product wise I used Redken All Soft Argan-6 followed by Nak Heat beat to prep my hair before heat styling.

redken argan-6 nak heat beat

After my hair was prepped I used my Babyliss Pro Large Conical wand (last seen here) to curl. Once each section was curled I used bobby pins to ‘roll them up and let curls setting

The hairspray I used was Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Flexible Hairspray but I would probably recommend more of a lacquer style hairspray if you wanted this style to really last (fine for long hair though). Instead of using a plain shine spray I opted to use the Schwarzkopf 10 Carat Shine Gloss Finish Spray as it doubles as a hair spray too!

Herbal Essences tousel me softly schwarzkopf 10 carat shine

If your hair was on the shorter side I’d suggest possibly using a small amount of a strong wax to twist the hair to the other side.

Here’s the video…

…and finished look!

Side swept curls finished look


So hopefully this was useful for someone, I know this style has been ‘trending’ for a while now but seems to still be a popular choice.

Yes my hair is a bazillion colours right now.  Any requests?


Madame B Fatale


to disclose, Redken Argan-6 was sent for trial (not for the blog though), and you already know the wand was too a while back but I’ve already done that post!

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