Rusk Deepshine Colour Repair System

by Madame B Fatale on November 26, 2013

Rusk deepshine repair sytem range

Besides cutting my hair off to my shoulders, trialing the Rusk Deepshine Repair range has possibly been the best thing I’ve done for my hair in a long time. I also purposely hadn’t dyed my roots  for a few months while using these  products to see how much of a difference a sulphate-free shampoo makes and there has been very minimal fading if any.

(Note: I dyed the top part of my hair as close to my actual hair colour as possible so regrowth wouldn’t show through as much but in that time frame I would have usually had a lot of fading.)

The scent of the three products are on the sweeter side but don’t linger on the hair too much. If you haven’t used a sulphate-free shampoo before it can be a slight adjustment at first as you don’t get that (in my opinion awful) squeaky clean feel after it’s rinsed out.

Overall my hair feels better, hasn’t been requiring as much work after I wash it (I mean I still have to blow dry my hair if I want it to stay nice for 3-4 days but I can live with that), fading has been minimal if any and it’s just in a general better condition than it was before.

Will I keep using it, absolutely! I might give one of the other two types, smooth or hydrate a go to see what they are like.

What Rusk says-
“The repair system does just as the name suggests it – strengthens weak damaged hair, restoring and nourishing at the deepest level. compromising a *sulphate-free gentle cleansing shampoo a daily conditioner both are designed to also extend colour and promote shine. An ultra rich restorative mask is also an integral part of the system is formulated to deeply penetrate the cuticle to help strengthen and repair damage stressed hair.”

All three products mentioned in the range retail at $21.95 each.

For stockist information it’s best to go to as sometimes I do have a bit of trouble getting a hold of the entire product line.


Iive been quite impressed with the Rusk products I’ve been using so far and have two more to review soon, but check out my review of the Rusk Miracurl if you haven’t already here (its almost magic!).


Madame B Fatale




Disclosure: Products were provided for trial purposes, as always opinions are my own.

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