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Week of April 10, 2012

Madame B Fatale

Twisted/Fake Dread Up Do a Tutorial

twisted up doBack with another hair style tutorial this time for a Twisted Fake Dread Up Do using some Wella products one being the new Bold Move styling paste, which is something you would generally use on shorter hair but I wanted to do something a bit ‘different. The look is a  twisted up do that was originally inspired by a Chanel runway look I instantly fell in love with as soon as I saw it. This isn’t an exact re-creation there are a few differences but as you all know I am kind of in love with any style that’s a bit on the messier side. I will warn you though this isn’t a look that’s going to just brush out you will definitely have to wash your hair afterwards but I think its worth it!





To create this look I used NAK Dry Shampoo, Wella Bold Move (pictured left) and Wella Finishing spray. Now onto the tutorial!

wella bold move paste


twisted fake dread style updo

twisted fake dread style updo back

I still might not be around much, currently moving house and the internet wont be connected for about 2 weeks. Might still be able to post but not 100% sure.

Madame B Fatale


Wella Bold Move and Finishing Spray were both provided for review/trial purposes.

embellished cropped top a DIY tutorial

Today I have a pretty easy cut and sew embellished crop top I made. All the materials are listed below, but you could easily change up the shoulders a bit.

What you will need:supplies


I cut out the neck and scooped it down the back. I also ‘cropped’ the top and made a scoop up the front.

2 front scoop neck and bottom, half sleeves

2 back


With leftover fabric cut thin strips (various lengths but make sure there are enough for both sides so they are even)

I also made shorter lengths of chain for the shoulder pads and three for the back detail. The three chains for the back so be slightly longer than the last so that the top chain is somewhat tight and the other two ‘drape’.

3 cut strips out of leftover fabric, make lengths of chain make sure there are two of each 1 for left 1 for right


Sew chains onto back of shirt.

make three lengths of chain the shortest should be under the length between your shoulders the next two should be each longer than the last

attatch to the back of the shirt because this will sit so close to the shoulders this will be both decoractive but also helpfull on keeping the shirt on


Then with the rest of the fabric I cut out two ‘shoulder pads’ these will be used to ‘decorate’. I placed the strips of fabric on top and arranged them the way I wanted. Make sure both sides are even. (well as even as possible you can always cut the strips to match.

 cut two shoulder pad shapes

arrange strips of stretched fabric on shoulder pads arrange them the same on each pad

Sew them in place on the ‘shoulder pad’. Then position them on the shirt to see if you like the lengths (don’t sew to shirt yet)

sit the pads on each shoulder to see how they sit if you are happy sew strips on the pad


I attached spikes to both sides of the chains. Doubled them over and attached them onto the shoulder pads.

attatch spikes onto each end of the chain

fold chains over not in half and sew around edges of pads

I then got the studs and placed them around the shoulder pads. You can put them on in any pattern you like.

shoulder pads complete


I then attached the shoulder pads to the top. This is the finished top.

chain stud and spike embellished top

finished front chain stud and spike embellished top

I really like it, its pretty easy to do and doesn’t take long. Figuring out where you want everything placed will be the most time consuming part.

All the materials I (again) had lying around the house (what can I say, I’m a hoarder). The spikes are a rose gold colour but I know that they will tarnish after a few washes so the colour difference doesn’t bother me.

I plan on wearing it over a tank style maxi dress as this is cropped and there is no way in hell my midriff is going to be seen!

Next up will be a really simple maxi dress alteration.


Madame B Fatale


Almost Neon Makeup Tutorial- photo’s, products, tutorial & more!


limecrime makeup tutorial

Back with another super bright almost neon look for you all today! Makeupnet sent me a couple of new Limecrime products (they are the distributors for the brand in Australia now) to play around with and I kind of felt the need to go all out. Partly because I’ve been catching up on RuPaul’s Drag Race (love it!) and partly because I know that Mint to be Lipstick isn’t going to be for everyone. In my mind if you are brave enough to wear this lovely shade on your lips your also probably confident enough to pull off the rest of the look too. Plus I just love bright makeup! But I have to say this is one of those looks that you can take one feature and leave the rest kind of ‘blank’ if you aren’t feeling so daring.



(Off camera)

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation (do not understand why people don’t like this, I love the finish it gives!), Illamasqua Disobey as contour (I use this all the time), Mac Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle.

(On Camera)

Limecrime Eyeshadow Helper (awesome! nothing usually compares to TFSI but this does, I like the thicker texture)

Limecrime Magic Eye Dusts in Pink Poodle, Circus Girl, Royal Purple (not telling the name till the comps over!), Nymph and Troubadour.

MAC Paint Stick in Pure White

White eyeliner pencil (not sure which one I picked up, sorry!

Limecrime Mint to be (brows and lips)

Limecrime Loop-de-loop (mainly on outer corners of lips, they are a bit wonky though)

BYS Liquid Liner (such a good buy!)

eBay cheap lashes (top and bottom)

Duo Glue

Now onto the fun part, the video.

In the video I mention that you can win the mystery royal purple shadow, all you have to do is go to Makeupnet and find it in the Limecrime eye shadow section, go back to the video and comment the name of the colour! Its that simple. Australian subscribers only and it ends 19th March 2012. Winners will be selected randomly from the correct answers!

Onto some pictures of the finished look. (I look a little drunk in the eye shot but you can see what’s going on better)

Limecrime makeup tutorialLimecrime neon makeup tutorialLimecrime bright makeup tutorial


Would you wear this, or any ‘parts’?

Madame B Fatale


Disclosure- Makeupnet sent me some products for the look but I’m not being compensated and I wouldn’t feature them if I didn’t like to wear them myself!

Messy French Twist–photo’s, products and tutorial

messy french twist frontToday I have a pretty cool up-do if I do say so myself, I can’t take credit for the look though as its a re-creation of a hairstyle that Busy Phillips wore to the Golden Globes a little while back styled by Chris McMillan for Wella Professionals.


“What I love about Wella stylers is that they are light and there’s no product buildup so the hair still has a natural look and won’t get weighed down throughout the night,” Chris explains.


Wella were kind enough to send me some products to complete the look along with some instructions (below).

products wella stay styled extra volume mousse

1. Prep wet hair with Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse and loosely dry for a textured finish.

2. Spray Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray while hair is nearly dry so it’s slightly piecy and pull into an imperfect, textured French twist.

3. Add a headband at the top of the head to complete the look for an added touch of elegance.


In the video I show you how to create the look. Once you get the hang of it it seriously only takes a couple of minutes, but looks like it takes a lot more effort to do than it actually does.

Oh and you’ll see by watching by how much volume I get after blow drying with the mouse, its awesome!


messy french twist back

messy french twist front

I know I say this quite a bit but its one of those styles that you can be as messy as you want and it still looks great! I love these 60s inspired styles and am excited that they are sticking around.

(oh and what I’m wearing will be an up-coming DIY)


Madame B Fatale


Disclosure: Wella sent me the two products but I am not being compensated for this video or post.

Headband a DIY tutorial

Finally back with another DIY tutorial. I saw headbands/ turban style headbands on the Sportsgirl website a while back and they retailed for about $10.00 (cheap to begin with but whatevs), all the materials I used I had lying around so it was pretty much free for me to make.

What you will need:

A length of fabric (that will fit around your head with 2 inches or so spare, but you can have it as wide as you like)


Needle and thread

a ‘ring’ and a smaller piece of fabric / an embellishment you want to use

Step 1

Fold fabric in half lengthways with the print ‘inside’. Sew along the length of the fabric bunch up a little until its a little longer that the circumference of your head.

easy diy headband

easy diy headband

Step 2

Turn fabric the right way.

easy diy headband leopard print

Step 3

Get the ring you are going to use in the middle to connect the two sides. (btw i think this is from a curtain)

simple diy headband leopard print

Cover in fabric, its ok if you can see the sewing on one side as this will be the side it side on your forehead.

simple directions headband leopard print

Step 4

Fold the end of one side over (tuck in the ends) and sew the ring into the ‘loop’.

hand sewn headband leopard print

Do the same to the other side

hand sewn headband leopard print

Finished! This is as basic as it gets! Really simple to do in pretty much no time at all. You can always use a sewing machine but I’m keeping these as easy as possible, plus I like watching TV when I do crafts so using a machine would be too noisy!

Helpful hint, use a stretchy material and thread.

diy headband leopard print finished

diy headband leopard print finished

Below are variations, just using a wider piece of fabric. I replaced the fabric covered ring with a knot of fabric. This is the perfect place to add an embellishment.

diy turban style headband leoparddiy turban style headband checkdiy turban style headband heart print

Next up will be a shoulder embellished cut up top.

Madame B Fatale


Winners announced!! Want to win a Luxury Hair Care package?

Totally a crazy question, of course you do! Well thanks to Silky Colouration I have 3, yes 3, luxury hair care packages to give away!

“Silky and Nouvelle have a wide range of hair care products including tints, bleaches, shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and treatments to name a few. All products nourish and protect the hair incorporating natural oil protectors. The ranges also feature finishing and styling products as well as treatments that repair and nourish the hair. Perfect for all hair types, colours and styles.“

Silky Colourations giveaway

Each pack will include:

  • Silky Nutrix shampoo
  • Hydro herb Mask
  • Nouvelle Double shot
  • Silky Nutrix serum
  • Silky Zero crystal serum

(each pack valued at $98)

All you have to do is wait for the widget to load below, like the “Silky Colouration” Facebook page and answer the question which is

“ Why do you want to win one of 3 luxury hair care packages from Silky Colourations?” (leave comment below)

Yes its as simple at that. The competition will run from today until March 2nd 2012 and winners will be selected randomly by Rafflecopter. Winners will be contacted within 48hrs of competition ending and have a 3 days to reply, if you don’t answer we will have to pick another winner. The PR Firm will send you an email to get your details so they can send you the prize!

This competition is just for Aussies this time!


Valentines Day–Last minute tips!

Over here in the future (Australia) its Hallmark Valentines Day mourning morning. If you have anything exciting planned but don’t know what to do beauty wise ,(as you most likely already assumed after reading the first sentence I do not), I’ve compiled a little list to help you look your best!

Want to wear red lips but don’t want to end up looking like a certain Batman character after all that wining/dining/smooching?

Wear a red lip stain, besides not having to continually touch up a red lipstick all you have to do with a stain is keep those lips moist so a mere balm will do.

If you want your makeup look to stay put

Applying cream blush under powder blush, eye shadow primer under shadows, lightly powder your foundation and ending with a makeup finishing spray, can help your look to last all night.

Want fluttery lashes?

Opt for some natural lashes (such an oxymoron), like Ardell Wispies. If you don’t have time then I’d suggest a good waterproof mascara.

Having a hair dilemma? Have a busy day and minimal time to get ready before the date?

I’d suggest one of my favourite hairstyles the simple half up half down. Looks great on straight/curly/ slightly messy hair and all you need is a little spray and pins. Bump up the top section for a little height (tease, if needed) spray, pin and then spray. Not too much spray, crunchy hair does not make for sexy hair.

94434923406130285_qAe4eqZD_cIf you are heat styling remember to give your hair some love too by using a heat protectant!

With all that said, make sure you are comfortable in the look you choose. Nothing worse than going out and feeling self conscious. I don’t do my makeup and hair to make anyone happy but myself and you shouldn’t completely change your look for someone else either!

Hope you all have a lovely day no matter what you are doing!

Oh and you still have a couple of hours to enter the fabulous Beauty Blogger Coalition Valentines Giveaway!

Madame B Fatale