Tutorial – Neutral

Really Neutrals aren’t my strong point, but I don’t mind this look.
Something different from all the glitter and colour I’m more comfortable with.
(Also this is more of a “drug store look”, i avoided using any of my pricier products) 

So here we go

I used
Revlon Radiance Brow Powder
Chi Chi Mega Twist of colour
Revlon ColorStay 02 Coffee Bean Pallet
Max Factor Brown/Black Mascara
Masquerade Foundation and Powder

The finished look, very subdued (for me)

After applying my base I started to bronze highlight and blush using the Chi Chi Mega Twist Of colour box.
Then starting with the lightest colour through to the dark from the Revlon pallet.

The top colour I applied to inner V and Brow bone

The next colour was applied to my lid area. 


The next down was applied to outer V and the darkest applied to the crease. Blending as you go. 

I lined my waterline with a white pencil and under my eye a little of the gold highlight from chi chi.

Then I got my BYS creme eye liner and pressed it into the lash line

Applied Mascara and because I really couldn’t help myself I applied Lashes!
(on my lips is just some gloss from the Chi Chi pallet)


Madame B

Tutorial – Blue

New Video Up on YouTube
Here are the products I used –

Mac Clear Sky Blue Pigment (soon to be Disc.)
Mac Silver Pigment
Mac Naval Steel Blue Pigment
Mac Deep Blue Green Pigment
Mac Milk Pigment
Stilla Navy*(unsure) eye shadow
NYX Cottage Cheese Jumbo eye shadow Pencil
Revlon Colour-stay Automatic eye pencil
EBay Lashes

Masquerade Foundation and Powder
Too Faced eye shadow Insurance
Mac Soft and Gentle MSF
Mac Fun and Games Blush (LE)
Smashbox Cast/Crew Duo
Smashbox Bronzer

Madame B


Basics – Base Work!!

Laying the right Foundation

1. Always start with clean skin!
(this is were a lot of people start off wrong)
You don’t have to cleanse your skin with fancy cleansers, just make sure its clean.
A popular cheap cleanser is Cetaphil.

2. If you use a moisturiser now is the best time to apply it whilst the skin is still a little damp as
it will be absorbed by your skin a little better.
Then I would apply my primer.

Ideally now you should wait about 5 – 10 minutes before you go any further (either after or before primer) This time you could use to get your other products out, get changed, do your hair or brush your teeth. It isn’t totally necessary though.

3. Now is the time for applying your actual foundation. Your options are, well endless i guess. -You could choose to use a sponge, but really it wastes product and isn’t very hygeinc.
-Your fingers
– or a brush, this is my choice.
I use a Mac 187. To swirl and stipple the foundation on.
(i also mainly use cream or liquid foundations, this will also affect what kind of applicator you use)

4. Apply your concealer, Under eyes spots and blemishes.

5. If you aren’t planning on using a cream blush apply your setting powder of choice.
Just use a translucent powder if you don’t need any more coverage.

At this stage you should have a nice matt base, if you want a more dewy complexion follow on.

6. Now I would get my foundation brush spray it with Mac Fix + and dot over my cheekbones temples and bridge of nose (all highlight area’s), also on the jaw line lightly.
You could also instead use a highlighter or skin lluminator.

Other tips would be
If you want a dewy complexion use a concealer with light reflecting properties.
If you want the matt look you can buy mattifying primers/bases.

That’s all for now

Madame B

New Video Tutorial – Almost Too Dolly!!

MAC Too Dolly Pallet
Bys eye liner liquid
Loreal eye liner kohl
Maybelline Mascara XXL
Revlon Radiance brow Powder
Revlon Radiance Brow Pencil
Smashbox Hybrid Primer
Masquerade Foundation and Powder
Smashbox Cast / Crew Duo
Smashbox Sunset highlighter / Bronzer
Smashbox Photo op eye brightener
Pink fish TLC with Fashion Mews

The Meteors – Endless Sleep

Madame B

Tip Of the Day – Hair

So your hair elastic/band doesn’t slip spray it with hair spray before you tie your hair up!!

Oh and if you have lightened blonde hair try not to use coloured elastics as the colour can stain your hair.

Madame B

Built on Respect, Go Check it out NOW!!!!

Contest Enrty for Xsparkage – Aahhh Real Monsters

Haul – Eyelashes

So, right now I’m in eyelash heaven.

Look what arrived for me 🙂