FOTD – Neutral Smokey Eyes

Pretty much the same both days nothing too exciting!!!

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I got tagged by the lovely Krasey Beautiful to pick my Favourite Look / FOTD

I think this is it

Mehron Tropical Pallet

Mac Too Dolly Pallet ( all)

Loreal Eyeliner Kohl

Maybelline XXL Mascara

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Under eye Photo-Op

MAC Grape pigment

Mac Milk pigment

Smashbox Highlighter in Sunset

Santee Natural Lip liner

Mac Mimmy lip gloss

Cheapie False Lashes

Mac Fresh Brew Lipstick

haha, I forgot to tag someone!!

So I tag

Madame B

New Video – Collection of Looks Part 2

Madame B


Tag your it – Honest Scrap Tag

I got Tagged by The Lip Print and Yinka “Vex in the city”

This is how it works – tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

Lets get started!!

1. I also can’t drive, never learnt !?!

2. I love crafting and most things DIY. Making clothes, hair accessories ect.

3. I love TV and Movies.
I love Mad Men, Pushing Up Daisies, True Blood, Buffy and Angel. I own hundreds of dvd’s.

4. Insane Fear of Heights

5. not to fond of escalators either…..

6. I really really hate feet. I can’t stand them touching me or me touching them. It give me chills thinking about it.

7. A day won’t go by without me having at least two coffee’s.

8. My favourite food ever would have to be Chinese 🙂

9. I have two dogs, a lurcher (Roxie Heart) and a Maltese x Shi Tzu (Brandy Alexander) and a Cat which is a Siamese x (Cordelia Chase).

10. I’m a terrible hoarder, i keep everything.

Well that’s it !!!

I am meant to tag 10 people but so many have done it now its hard to pick so here we go

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FOTD – The Weekend

Madame B

FOTD – Smoked Out

Tutorial – Put It In Neutral

A guide to the Modern Pin Up!

Key points of look

  • Bright pink blush
  • a good base
  • A nice neat eyeliner (liquid or gel is best)


Bourjois dark brown eyeshadow
NYX Brown eyeshadow
Mac Vanilla pigment
Mac Naked Lunch eyeshadow

BYS Liquid Liner
Max Factor Black / Brown Mascara
Smashbox White eyeliner
Duo Lash Glue
Ebay Lashes
Revlon Brow Powder

BYS Fluoro Pink and Red pigments as blush
Masquerade White Blush

Masquerade Foundation
Estee Lauder Doubleware concealer
Natio Pressed Powder
Borghese Colour Correct Primer

Lips in first shots are NYX Georgia and Mac TLC in Pink Fish

The Red is Mehron Tropical Pallet with Mac Basic Red Pigment mixed into clear gloss

Madame B

Tutorial – Sigma Contest Entry

Here is my video I made for the Sigma Contest.
The competition was to do your makeup as if you were going to wear this dress



Madame B