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Poison Ivy – Contest Entry!!!!!!!!!

Let me start out by saying i have a bizarre attraction to Poison Ivy. I LOVE HER!!!!


So naturally I chose her for my inspiration for  Mizz Worthy’s Stuff

competition with Illamasqua!!!!

Just in time, here is my Entry……….






As Poison Ivy was a Botany Student turned crazed mother nature of sorts what better colours to use than the colour of nature itself – green and red for her striking red hair and for her raging fiery hate for the male species, haha!

Oh I pretty much just used a 120 Ebay pallet and Mehron tropical pallet for this entire look!! Oh and some cheapie Santee glitter liners.

This was a tonne of fun 🙂

Good luck to everyone, i love these contests.

Madame B


Tagged Again!!!



I was tagged by the lovely

Beauty with a Caramel Twist

The tag is to list down 10 random facts about yourself and to pass it on to 10 other people.
So, here’s mine:

  1.   I really hate feet, and also people touching my feet. As a result I would never ever have a pedicure. The thought terrifies me 🙁
  2. I really love TVv, I know I know its embarrassing!!!!
  3. I’m obsessed with coffee —-  me too!!!!
  4. I have 2 dogs and a cat
  5. I love leopard print EVERYTHING, I don’t care how tacky it is. From my leopard Bar to my leopard toilet scrubbing brush, hahahahaha
  6. I rarely go out clubbing, I don’t really like it at all
  7. I love making things
  8. Technology hate me 🙂
  9. I collect dvd’s

I love doing these!!!! I tag anyone who want to do it too!!!!!

Madame B


Quick Look – Sketch, All that Glitters and Carbon


MAC Sketch e/s


All That Glitters e/s

MAC Carbon e/s

Masquerade Gothic White e/s

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Estee Lauder Soft eye pencil Black

Smashbox Foundation Primer, Foundation and Artificial Light

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

MAC Myth l/s

MAC Mimmy L/g

Madame B


Blog Award !! :)

Thanks to The Lip Print aka Stefani!!!

I reccomend you check out at least one blog from my list on the side, I love them all and wouldn’t subscribe otherwise!!!!

Madame B

Em from Too Much Blush is having a giveaway!!!!

The Lovely em at too much blush is giving away

Tailored Eyes Defining Mascara- Urban Brown
I-Radiance Creme Eye Colour- Chiffon
Fashion Junkie Eye Palette
Hi-Design eye colour- Modernist
Classic Couture Lip Colour- English Rose
Air Kiss Shine Lip Gloss- Dress 2 Impress

So be sure to head over to her fabulous blog and enter before time runs out !!!!
(Sept 4th)


300 followers giveaway! JK jemma kidd goodies for you!

Thought of the day

I have been thinking a lot lately that I sometimes find myself buying/wanting things simply because  of all the ‘hype’.

I seem to forget that liking a product really is a personal thing and because one person likes it doesn’t mean I will. And really by buying it and giving into the hype I’m really just making it worse!!!!!!

I find I have this problem with Mascara’s in particular.  I always end up back to the same old ones, the one with a regular to thick brush. I find it coats, lengthens and thickens my lashes the best.

So this brings me to the age old question; If it isn’t broken, why fix it ?!?

I am constantly on the hunt for the newer, prettier, better product and its something I rarely find. I don’t mean to say I haven’t found anything new I liked but more times than not I think I should just stick to the tried and true.

So here is my list of products I always got back to

  • Mascara

Benefit Get Bent or Maybelline XXL/ Great Lash

  • Foundation

Masquerade, Smashbox or Revlon

  • Primers

Smashbox Face Primers and Too Faced   Shadow Insurance

  • Moisturisers

Nivea for Very Dry Skin, Elizabeth Arden 8    hour Cream and Mac Fix +

  • Highlighters, Bronzers and Cheek Colour


  • Eye Shadows

Mac –I always like their shadows (that is excluding the Lustres)

  • Others;

Mehron Palettes as bases,  Manicare Lashes….

What are yours….?