Red Carpet Looks For Less – Katy Perry VMA

Ok this will hopefully be a continuous series of looks that i plan to ‘replicate’ with ‘drugstore’ or cheaper brands.

The first is this look i pre-viewed earlier


Products Used

Revlon colourstay foundation and Powder
Smashbox hybrid Primer

Too Faced eye shadow Insurance

eBay lashes
Duo Glue
Maybelline XXL Mascara

No name Drugstore cosmetic grade glitter
self made mixing medium

Ebay liners in white and black

Avon brow pencil
Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

JAQ Silver eye shadow crayon
120 Colour palette

10 pan Blush Palette

NYX Femme lipstick
Bourjois 05 Corail Lipstick

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Demented are Go – Aces High

contour 100_7087


Madame B


FOTD and Next Tutorial sneak peak!

So i wanted to try out my 28 neutral palette, 10 pan blush palette and my new gel liners so here is yesterdays look.

Pretty basic

100_7128 100_7125

(yes i do look a little tired, i later added some Smashbox eye brightener)

Those gel liners are so easy to work with!!!

and here is the sneak peak for my next tutorial

100_7109 100_7097

It was inspired by Katty Perry’s VMA look. As you can see I’ve brought the colour up a little higher than hers , my eyebrows are quite high)

This was all i used! I decided I might do a few more of these looks, on a budget!


( I was  going to start the decades first but i saw this look and really wanted to replicate it, to an extent, oh and sorry my skin is gross atm!)



Madame B


Quick Look – Coral and Brown Tutorial

* I toned down the coral for the pink lip leave brighter if you are planning on wearing the nude lip

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You can obviously sub these for different brands!


Too Faced Eye shadow Insurance
Mac Dusty Coral Pigment
Mac Vanilla Pigment
Mac Mineral Eye Shadow (i think LE?)
MAC Paradisco Eye Shadow

Smashbox eyeliner pencils in Midnight Brown and White

Maybelline XXL Mascara

Revlon Radiance Brow Powder

Masquerade Foundation and Concealer
Face of Australia Translucent Powder
Smashbox Dup in Super / Model


YSL lip Twins in Coral Harmony and Fuchsia Orange

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The Addicts – Hello, Farewell, Goodbye

Madame B


NOTD – Marbling

This was my first go at Marbling my nails and i love it!!!

(Sorry this was pre cleaning around the edges properly!)

Ok so my ‘base’ colour was Mac Peppermint Patty

Then the colours i swirled were

Mac – On the Prowl

Chi Chi – Husband Shopping

Ch Chi – Mermaid

Manicare – French White


Madame B


FOTD – Fun With Liners!

A look I did on my sister



i liked so i did a similar version on myself

100_6986 100_6985


100_6974 100_6973

Madame B


Asian Inspired Dramatic Liner Tutorial

I had so many issues with this I’m glad its finally up and playing 🙂

Product List

Avon Black eyebrow pencil
Loreal Kohl
Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner

Smashbox Primer (purple)
Masquerade Foundation and Concealer
Mac Fix +
Benefit Dandelion Blush
Masquerade White Blush

Mac Mineral e/s
Mac Yoghurt e/s
Mac Satisfy e/s or Mac Pink Opal p/m

eBay Lashes
Duo Lash Glue
Cheap Mascara (?)

NYX Currant l/l
YSL Lip Twins Raspberry Violet

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Madame B



DIY – Clothes

I decided I wanted a new wardrobe, I was really getting sick of the way my stuff looked . Lack of funds is really preventing that from happening so I decided I’d re-vamp a few things.

This is what I’ve done so far

Turned a regular pair of non-fitted dark was jeans to ……

100_6679  100_6683

This was a tank, just turned it into a halter


and my version of the Zipper fringe necklace




This was all from stuff I had lying around(free:), I’m sure I’ll find lots more stuff to recycle!

That’s all atm.

(Feedback would be great, should i keep going with posts like these? )

Madame B


Thank you and Update!

Hello Dolls

Just a quick update of sorts and a great big thank you to aka

for thinking of me in her latest video  Spreadin’ da Love!

Thank you so much it really made my week!

The youtuber’s she listed are

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I think you guys should really check them out!!!

Oh and me too

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Make sure you check out Heathers channel too!

On other news my internet is up and running fine again (finally!!!) 🙂

I have two new video’s i have to edit and upload then I think I am going to go into a theme, Makeup through the decades, I will also feature popular Actresses, models  and singers from the corresponding decades!

So keep a look out for that !!!

Also I wanted to get in on the whole nail art craze, since i do love my long ‘talons’.

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Thank you so much to my new and Old subscribers its really encouraging to keep going! 🙂

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