Pink Hair

and why I should powder my face before taking photo’s……

I came across this article from Kevin Murphy, and thought I might as well give pigments as temporary hair dye a go (finally, I mean that picture in the article from Vogue last year was actually what made me really feel the need to dip dye my ends in the first place!).

After watching the video I had a strange urge to try it immediately as I’ve been wanting to fade pink into my blue ends for a while now but was slightly hesitant because I wasn’t sure how it’d look. This was the perfect way to test it out.

pink hair with blue dip dyed ends

So what did I use you might wonder, (more…)

Winter Beauty – Lipstick


It may be late winter here but if you ask me it’s still pretty chilly and there are a few lip products that I love for the season!

lipstick swatch

Pictured L-R: Mac Tribalist, Mac Most Popular, Australis Limited Edition1, OCC Katricia, NYX Chaos and YSL Lip Twin # 12 Raspberry Violet.


No heat – Wavy Hair

Wavy HairWorried about constant heat styling or can’t get a triple barrel waver? But like my last tutorial using the Babyliss Triple Barrel Waver*?? Well here are a few simple steps that will give you the look, just by braiding!


Step 1: Wash hair (shampoo and condition). When you’re done squeeze out extra moisture with a towel and comb through (with a wide tooth comb or pick) either a leave in conditioner or styling oil (I’m not recommending any here as I feel this is one of those personal hair type choices, you’ll probably know what’s better for you than me here!)


Illamasqua Product Overview–Part 3

Today I have part 3 of the Illamasqua products overview check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already!

First up today I have three powder shadows from the brand Angst, Sadist and Fame (L-R).Illamasqua angst sadist fame

All three are matte shadows that apply easily and blend well too! Out of the three Fame is probably the less pigmented one but is still easy to build up on the lid. My favourite of the lot would probably have to be Angst as I don’t have as many reds as I’d like and it looks fabulous in the crease area. It also slightly reminds me of the Laid Cream Blusher (pictured below). These shadows seem to last well, I’d recommend a good base to start off with as they can stain slightly.

Illamasqua Angst Illamasqua Sadist Illamasqua Fame


Eye’s Chic Eyelashes from KKCenterHK

lash2A Couple of months back you may have seen that I reviewed a more natural pair of lashes from KKCenterHK (that I’m STILL using), well today I’m here to show you a slightly more (okay a lot more) dramatic set!lash1


Gillette introduces a new razor and I got to introduce the boyfriend into my world….

You would be safe to assume that since I’m so beauty/hair/product obsessed that my boyfriend would be also into the whole male grooming practices, but to be honest this couldn’t be further from the truth. He rarely shaves (hair growth is super slow) and before getting these products he had no idea what an exfoliator was. Now I’ve tried to get him into the whole cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise routine for what seems like forever. I’ve bought him products and they have literally been sitting in a draw piling up and never been able to convince him to actually use them. His routine is wash face with water maybe some soap if he’s feeling fancy (LOL), shave if needed with some sort of shaving cream he puts no thought into buying and finished off with deodorant and perfume/manfume (which is generally purchased by me)….

Gillette Shaving Gel, Razor, Scrub and Cooling Balm


The BabylissPro Triple Barrel Waver

As the title states this post is going to focus on the BabylissPro Triple Barrel Waver Iron, (long name eh!), The one I used is the regular size but if you want bigger waves there is also a larger sized one available. I mentioned in the video that this is quick but really I meant to say that this is probably the easiest type of iron to use. All you have to do is clamp down on the hair and then repeat until you reach the ends. Depending on the size of the pieces your ‘waving’ will determine how long it takes you to style. I’d also like to mention that you don’t necessarily have to wave the entire length of the hair, you could for example just do the mid-lengths or just the ends.

So onto the tutorials, the first I am basically showing you how to use it then a simple twist to finish off the look and the second is how to continue onto a textured up-do.


Besides adding waves it also gives the hair volume and I find its also great to use before a up-do as it gives the up-do a great ‘messy/textured’ finish.


Both of these styles are incredible easy to do and perfect for summer (or winter, autumn and spring I ‘spose!)

Pro’s for this tong are the same as the conical wand I wrote about last month, the cords long, variable heat settings – the on/off and dial are the same. But I must mention that this iron is on the heavier side, I put this down to it being like three tongs in one so it kind of makes sense it would be.

As always make sure your using a heat protectant before heat styling and as a general rule finish off with your preferred hairspray!


Madame B


I used the BabylissPro Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver Curling Iron that was provided for review / demonstration purposes by


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Madame B Fatale