NOTD – Orly Sterling Silver Rose

by Madame B Fatale on March 4, 2010

orly sterling rose pink

I wore this colour all last week and forgot to take a picture! So luckily (or not so lucky) my sister decided she would steal it so I got a photo of her wearing it.

I love this colour. Why I love it, well I seem to have a habit of only using obnoxious colours (in your face green…..) this is a really nice girly pink without being ‘too girly’ and will be more appropriate for what some might say ‘regular wear’.

My sister decided after stealing this and loving the formula drying quickly , (which I have to agree I didn’t bump my nails!!)  that it  was the best nail polish ever and no doubt has inspired her to ‘borrow’ more of my stuff.

Note: this is with no topcoat and have been worn a couple of days before I saw her to take the photo.

When I wore it I used the Orly Glosser topcoat, and I loved it. I have been wearing it over the OPI Jade is the new black this week too!

Madame B


4 Responses to “NOTD – Orly Sterling Silver Rose”

  • Stefanie says:

    Nice shade! I love how it's ever so slightly dusky

  • madame b fatale says:

    Yeah its a nice change! I think it looks a bit matte because of no top coat, but with a top coat it kind of 'glistens' ?? Don't know how to describe it lol!oh I forgot to add its from the Dazzling Shimmers range.

  • SilhouetteScreams says:

    Ooooh it looks quite matte 🙂

  • Gold Dusk says:

    That's a real pretty pink there, but not sickly-pretty. I like it!

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