Last weeks manicure : OPI Blue and 18kt Gold

I applied 2 coasts of both OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui and OPI The Man With The Golden Gun with no base coat. This manicure oddly lasted me a little over a week, I guess its because for once in my life my nails have been growing rather strong I don’t expect that to last forever though as its really just a pregnancy side effect. Oh by the way I’m 23 weeks pregnant and that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been around much. But I’m (hopefully) back on track now and you should be seeing me post much more often.

Enough of that and onto the nails darlings,

last weeks manicure opi man with the golden gun suzi says feng shui

Suzi Says Feng Shui has to be one of my all time favourite polishes(originally from the Hong Kong collection a few years back), its just such a lovely mid dusty blue and I find myself wearing it all year round. The Man With The Golden Gun was from the Bond collection and I actually didn’t purchase it myself rather my sister did ad she decided it wasn’t the polish for her and she kindly passed it onto me. I wouldn’t have purchased it myself, it retailed here in Australia for bloody $39.95, but I’m glad she gave it to me because I actually really like it, the 18kt gold flakes are a bit on the sparse side but for me 2 coats is ample to make sure the polish underneath still shines through and the gold flakes are seen.

last weeks manicure opi suzi says feng shui and opi the man with the golden gun

Madame B Fatale


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