Indola Innova Repair Capsules – Review

by Madame B Fatale on November 8, 2011

About a month ago I was kindly sent a tub of Indola Innova Repair Capsules to try out, I say kindly because it was a sample sent out after the ABBW that I ended up not being able to attend. So this gift was a lovely surprise.

Its no secret that I absolutely adore hair oils, the shine and moisture I have been able to get back to my (very) over coloured hair from them has been nothing short of amazing. So when these repair capsules arrived I was rather excited to try out another type.

“Long term damage won’t repair itself, so tackle each strand from the roots with Innova Repair shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and repair capsules. Keratin treats in 3 dimensions – the cuticle, fibre and matrix of each strand, boosting strength to promote deep, lasting shine.”

indola repair capsulesThe product itself is a tub that houses 30x1ml little capsules, each capsule is the perfect amount for one application.

To use all you have to do it twist the tip of the capsule and the oil will spill out onto your hand, apply to the mid-lengths to ends and avoid your roots. It is recommended that these are used about once per week after washing hair, but as my hair is bleached and coloured often I decided to use it twice per week.

Tip: On long hair tie your hair up into a pony tail, smooth  the oil onto the ends of the hair, untie pony tail and run your hands through your hair again.

When I use these my hair is considerably shinier, looks like hair and not straw (as opposed to not using anything), and is easy to comb through. I particularly like this product when used before hair drying, my hair stays soft instead of the dry frizz it really is!indola repair capsules

I have been rather impressed by the Repair Capsules not only because of the life it gives back to my hair (so to say) but also the nifty packaging. No product is wasted which is something I sometimes have a problem with oils that are housed in a screw top lid. Retailing at $17.95 this is a bargain considering you get 30 uses out of it (that’s up to 30 weeks!).


I’ll be featuring a few more hair oils I’ve been trying out over the next few months as they are probably one of my favorite types of hair products.


Do you use hair oils? Could you recommend any?

Madame B Fatale


*Product was sent to Madame B Fatale as a sample.

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