Illamasqua Product Overview Part 4

by Madame B Fatale on November 3, 2011

Today I have part 4 of the Illamasqua products overview check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 if you haven’t already! If you haven’t noticed Illamasqua has to be one of my favourite brands, I always find a product I need!

illamasqua motto eye brow cake


Motto Eye Brow Cake is a warm taupe brow colour perfect for non golden toned blondes. Applied with a light stroke it effortlessly fills in brows for a fuller look, but applied with a mixing medium it gives a very defined brow. The compact also has a handy mirror in the lid for application anywhere. This has been my go to brow colour for a few months now and I’ve found it perfect for my colouring.


The rest of the products are from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection.

illamasqua berber pigment

Berber Pure Pigment  was easily the most gushed over at the collection launch I attended. At the even it was pressed into Halcyon Illuminator and the result was a bold auburn shimmer that had teeny tiny green glitters. I just had to buy it! I’ve also found that Laid cream blusher is also a perfect base. By itself the effect is a much more sheer wash of colour, so if you’re a little scared of red eye shadows this may be the way for you to ease into them. I see this as the perfect ‘Christmas’ colour too!


Illamasqua kontrol lipstick

Kontrol Lipstick   I love purple lipstick, light, dark and in-between, so even before arriving at the launch it was on the top of my wish list. Its extremely pigmented, deep blue violet, smooth and comfortable to wear and I couldn’t be happier with it.



illamasqua resist lipstick

Resist Lipstick was re-promoted into the collection and is a lipstick version of the newly released Belladonna Lipgloss. The lipstick itself is a deep pink and is also smooth and comfortable to wear. It lasts on me rather well, not needing touch ups for hours! Resist also looks fabulous blotted down for more of a ‘stained’ look.



illamasqua swatches motto resist kontrol berber

Swatches L-R, Motto, Resist, Kontrol, Berber

Illamasqua taintTaint Nail Varnish  is one of 4 polishes that were released with the collection which all feature a rubber finish! The colour itself is a stone brown and is opaque within two coats. I actually needed a deep brown in my collection so I was excited to see it in my gift bag. I probably get 2-3 days wear before chips appear. But for me that actually isn’t too bad considering how rough I am with my nails and the obvious lack of a top coat to keep the rubber finish. The drying time isn’t too bad either so I haven’t smudged my nails when I waited for it to dry!

Madame B Fatale


*Taint and Resist were provided as a gift from the collection Launch I attended

**yes I may confuse wants and needs….



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