How I Dip Dyed My Hair–A Tutorial

Dip Dyed or ombre hair has been trending for quite some time now and I’ve had a few messages asking how I did mine so here it is. I made it as easy to follow as possible, so if you want to try it or just curious how to do it watch the video!

As always any questions just ask.

( I mention the colours I used in the video, but as everyone has different hair colours and the fact that I mixed a few together makes it kind of irrelevant)

ombre dip dyed hair

I’m not a fan of the purple yet, well not as much as I was with the bluey / teal colour anyway. Next time I think I’ll do pink.

Madame B Fatale


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  2. It may be a perfect thing to look at but it scares me a lot for dye can real cause damaged and hair fall. I’m into fashion but not that literal as you do. I’m afraid so that my hair will suffer the consequences.

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