Headband a DIY tutorial

by Madame B Fatale on February 22, 2012

Finally back with another DIY tutorial. I saw headbands/ turban style headbands on the Sportsgirl website a while back and they retailed for about $10.00 (cheap to begin with but whatevs), all the materials I used I had lying around so it was pretty much free for me to make.

What you will need:

A length of fabric (that will fit around your head with 2 inches or so spare, but you can have it as wide as you like)


Needle and thread

a ‘ring’ and a smaller piece of fabric / an embellishment you want to use

Step 1

Fold fabric in half lengthways with the print ‘inside’. Sew along the length of the fabric bunch up a little until its a little longer that the circumference of your head.

easy diy headband

easy diy headband

Step 2

Turn fabric the right way.

easy diy headband leopard print

Step 3

Get the ring you are going to use in the middle to connect the two sides. (btw i think this is from a curtain)

simple diy headband leopard print

Cover in fabric, its ok if you can see the sewing on one side as this will be the side it side on your forehead.

simple directions headband leopard print

Step 4

Fold the end of one side over (tuck in the ends) and sew the ring into the ‘loop’.

hand sewn headband leopard print

Do the same to the other side

hand sewn headband leopard print

Finished! This is as basic as it gets! Really simple to do in pretty much no time at all. You can always use a sewing machine but I’m keeping these as easy as possible, plus I like watching TV when I do crafts so using a machine would be too noisy!

Helpful hint, use a stretchy material and thread.

diy headband leopard print finished

diy headband leopard print finished

Below are variations, just using a wider piece of fabric. I replaced the fabric covered ring with a knot of fabric. This is the perfect place to add an embellishment.

diy turban style headband leoparddiy turban style headband checkdiy turban style headband heart print

Next up will be a shoulder embellished cut up top.

Madame B Fatale


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