Halloween–Corpse Bride Practice UPDATED

by Madame B Fatale on October 27, 2011

Here is another look I had a stab at, the Corpse Bride from Tim Burtons fabulous The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was actually having a go at this because it will be a friends costume and I’ll be doing the makeup for her. I just wanted to see what works and have a play around with what products I’ll use. Because it’s a rough go I didn’t bother with blocking corspe bride makeupout my eyebrows and didn’t focus on the skin and lines as much as I will on the day.

I really love this as a costume idea.  I am a massive Burton fan to begin but also because no matter what face your pulling you still look sad- thanks to the eyebrows. This is a great (although extreme) example on how much eyebrows actually make a difference to your overall look.


corspe bride makeupcorspe bride makeup

I haven’t done a tutorial for this look as there are so many great ones out there already, but I might update later on with the products and her final look!

Corpse Bride MakeupSo here’s the final look, sorry about the size I completely forgot to take photo’s and had to steal this one from her facebook!

Madame B Fatale


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