LAST DAY! GFC it was nice to know you

by Madame B Fatale on January 9, 2012

Oh hello there I sent this as an email to those I could but I thought also posting it on the blog would be a smart idea.

I just wanted to give all my lovely subscribers a quick heads up that blogger decided they don’t want to share with non-blogger blogs as of March 2012, as I am now on a WordPress self-hosted site that means me – insert sad face here. So as of next month the ‘Google Friend Connect’ subscriber button will disappear from my blog, I know numbers shouldn’t mean a thing but my GFC subscribers numbers have been growing and I will honestly be sad to see it go. Plus it’s how I subscribe to many blogs because it was just so convenient!

Hopefully you all will still want to get updates from so below I’ve listed 2 main ways of subscribing and the rest are other options as well!

RSS – with either your favourite reader or there is also an option to get updates straight to your email.



Other news- I’ve just started to add DIY tutorials to the blog, still working out the photography kinks and I totally need to improve on my explaining abilities but it’s something that I always wanted to include but always forgot to document the process! So keep a lookout for them, they will be mainly super easy/quick was to up-cycle existing items from your wardrobe. Any requests throw them my way! (I won’t guarantee I’ll be able to do all of them, I’m not exactly Martha Stewart. But I do LOVE crafts!)

See you on the blog!

Madame B Fatale


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