Eye Define–a Review

by Madame B Fatale on February 12, 2013

eye define packagingAs soon as the email hit my inbox about the new to Australia Eye Define I knew I had to give them a go, I was just too curious.
So when the package arrived I could wait to try them. Housed in a cardboard box with a rather impressive before and after shot on the front is 64 medical grade adhesive eye strips and the balm to apply them.

The Eye Define claims to set invisible and can be applied over eye makeup and is meant to last around 8hours (an average working day I guess).

On myself I just couldn’t get these to work properly. No matter where I placed them I could either see them or I would get a strange ‘fold’ in my crease area. I also couldn’t get them to apply over makeup without making the strips more visible. I have a feeling my eyes are drooping or hooded enough for them to work for me so I tried them on my sister. No luck there either so I then turned to my mother. Now on her they worked the best. The below photos are of her eye, just one side applied so you can seethe difference it really does make. The eye with it applied looks open and far better than the one on the left. There is also a shot of her eye closed, I can see the strip but when she was just looking at me normally I didn’t notice it. I ended up applying another to the other eye and she wore them to work overnight. She had to use eye makeup remover to get them off as they were still pretty secure after all those hours. In fact they seemed to last a bit longer than the 8 hours it promises.

eye define mum 2


This is definitely one of those funny products that make you think what the hell, but while it didn’t work for my sister or myself it did for my mother. It opened up and lifter her eyes in no time and at $29.95 (+postage and handling) it is a hell of a lot cheaper than surgery!

So this may not be for everyone but it was certainly worth a try!

Eye Define can be bought from www.eyedefine.com.au

Madame B Fatale


Disclosure, as stated above these were samples sent for review purposes.

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