embellished cropped top a DIY tutorial

by Madame B Fatale on March 19, 2012

Today I have a pretty easy cut and sew embellished crop top I made. All the materials are listed below, but you could easily change up the shoulders a bit.

What you will need:supplies


I cut out the neck and scooped it down the back. I also ‘cropped’ the top and made a scoop up the front.

2 front scoop neck and bottom, half sleeves

2 back


With leftover fabric cut thin strips (various lengths but make sure there are enough for both sides so they are even)

I also made shorter lengths of chain for the shoulder pads and three for the back detail. The three chains for the back so be slightly longer than the last so that the top chain is somewhat tight and the other two ‘drape’.

3 cut strips out of leftover fabric, make lengths of chain make sure there are two of each 1 for left 1 for right


Sew chains onto back of shirt.

make three lengths of chain the shortest should be under the length between your shoulders the next two should be each longer than the last

attatch to the back of the shirt because this will sit so close to the shoulders this will be both decoractive but also helpfull on keeping the shirt on


Then with the rest of the fabric I cut out two ‘shoulder pads’ these will be used to ‘decorate’. I placed the strips of fabric on top and arranged them the way I wanted. Make sure both sides are even. (well as even as possible you can always cut the strips to match.

 cut two shoulder pad shapes

arrange strips of stretched fabric on shoulder pads arrange them the same on each pad

Sew them in place on the ‘shoulder pad’. Then position them on the shirt to see if you like the lengths (don’t sew to shirt yet)

sit the pads on each shoulder to see how they sit if you are happy sew strips on the pad


I attached spikes to both sides of the chains. Doubled them over and attached them onto the shoulder pads.

attatch spikes onto each end of the chain

fold chains over not in half and sew around edges of pads

I then got the studs and placed them around the shoulder pads. You can put them on in any pattern you like.

shoulder pads complete


I then attached the shoulder pads to the top. This is the finished top.

chain stud and spike embellished top

finished front chain stud and spike embellished top

I really like it, its pretty easy to do and doesn’t take long. Figuring out where you want everything placed will be the most time consuming part.

All the materials I (again) had lying around the house (what can I say, I’m a hoarder). The spikes are a rose gold colour but I know that they will tarnish after a few washes so the colour difference doesn’t bother me.

I plan on wearing it over a tank style maxi dress as this is cropped and there is no way in hell my midriff is going to be seen!

Next up will be a really simple maxi dress alteration.


Madame B Fatale


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