distressed rib cage maxi a DIY tutorial

by Madame B Fatale on May 22, 2012

distressed rib cage dress completeBefore I moved I promised a look at the maxi dress I altered a while ago. This is pretty much as basic as an alteration can get. I got the maxi originally from an opshop for $1 and the rest of the materials where (as usual) stuff that I have lying around the house.


So lets get started, shall we!

What I used:

Grey Maxi Dress



Fabric paint (of your choice I actually used od nail polish, something I’ve done before because I like the way it wears I didn’t want it to look perfect which is great because I cant really paint!)

Thread picker ( not entirely sure that’s what they are called?)

Needle and thread


I painted a rib cage onto the dress first, as you can see its not fantastic but I don’t mind how it turned out. You will need to leave this to dry before you go any further.

1 PLAIN DRESSrib cage painted

Step 2:

The next thing I did was cut off the hems on the sleeves, bottom of the dress and around the collar. I also scooped the back down further.

cut hem and stretched to roll

Step 3:

The next thing I did was ‘distress the dress’, just by running the thread/seam picker over the material. Along the hems and some random parts of the dress.

one section shredded

shredded sleeves and bottom of dressbotttom hem complete

Step 4:

I added some chains to the back just like I did in my last tutorial here. (You can see how I scooped the back)

added chains to back of dress


and finished!

dress completeback of dress


Like I said this is pretty much as basic as it gets, the only sewing is to attach the chains. The painting part can easily be skipped or you can put anything you like there!

Madame B Fatale


Nothing to disclose.

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